HTC 10, hot or not?

Well, that diverted quickly onto internals and specs, then onto other phones completely, then slightly towards subject. You did slightly brush the thing I dislike most about the phone, mainly the positioning of the home button/finger print scanner… That one sticks out like a sore thumb, bugged me from the first renders! I have a OnePlus two at the moment and, overall, the proportions there are great and I have never had any issues with the button being in close proximity to the screen (in fact the OP2 has much less bezel space than the HTC 10). Overall the phone could be mistaken for an iPhone at first glance (certainly follows all basic apple design cues) but then the detail is horrible, as follows:

  1. As already mentioned, placement of physical button, this is the main standing out point why I wouldn’t want this device probably.

  2. This is a flagship phone. If HTC can’t align their sim/card tray with the rest of the buttons, why should I pay €700 for a phone that fails with the simplest of details…?

  3. Top layout could have been much better. Simply placing the sensors in line with the speaker to the left would have made everything much more symmetrical, things would fit in place better.

  4. The back is probably the side I dislike least in this phone, chamfer is a nice touch, although quite a weak effort given all the hype they put into marketing this new feature. It’s not like they revolutionised the whole electronics industry with this chamfer thing eh…

Then your phone gets delivered and the back actually has a little poem and CE logos at the back like below. That’s the back ruined then! Again my OP2 does away with this, probably satisfying legislation by putting these logos and notices under the removeable cover. But again that’s a much smarter solution on a phone that’s half the price of this! I noticed the same thing for the Galaxy S7 & S7 edge and the iPhones where marketing images don’t have these logos, but the final delivered phone has them. I believe that adverts should show devices as they are delivered!

In my opinion the HTC one M7 and M8 generations were the best design wise, from then on they just apple-fied their designs to become more mainstream. The HTC 10 definitely does not deserve any high position design wise and it definitely is not HTC’s best phone in years.


All the things you noted here are just tiny visual details. I mean, maybe some people do care about them (perfectionists?), I think that a practical design is much better than an eye-catching design. For example, from the photos I can immediately see that this device is comfortable to hold in hand: it has a slightly curved back around the edges, although not too much, retaining the “flat”/minimal design they’re so good at. I couldn’t care less about a sim card tray being half a millimeter off, but I do see that they put some “bumps” on the power button so that it’s harder to confuse it with the volume buttons. Then maybe you have very thin fingers? Because on my Asus Zenfone 2, I always keep pressing stuff I don’t want to press, while trying to use the hardware buttons.

There’s nothing worse than having capacitive buttons too close to a capacitive screen.
But probably what I like the most is the choice of materials. There’s literally almost no plastic in this thing! Can you believe that? While other manufacturers are putting glass on the back to make it look “fancy”, HTC makes their devices to FEEL fancy and to actually BE fancy in a very practical, rather than visual, way.

You stated what I was about to say in not so many words:
Ugly iPhone Copycat.

That’s my first impressions of this device, given the pictures provided.
Don’t get me wrong, I actually kind of like the styling of the iPhone 6 range (I never liked the shape of the iPhone 4/5), but this phone screams out all the wrong design cues for my taste. Very much a knockoff, copycat iPhone device for the Android realm.
Which is fitting, given Android is a software copycat (near clone) of iOS.

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I think it was HTC who first used that design language and then Apple followed suit. @gkmess

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ffffs, can you show me any examples of HOW android is a copy of ios? I think it’s the opposite. And I totally agree with @Artur

If you say that android copied ios, then why don’t you go a little deeper? As it turns out, ios copied mac osx, which copied windows, which copied mac os itself (the old one), which copied DOS shell, which copied Unix, etc.
See? Now they’re porting Unix apps to Windows 10! No, seriously, just because an OS shares a similar UI to another one, it’s not a copy. Just find and show me at least one OS in history that didn’t “copy” anything. Same goes about hardware design, of course. Even Pyramid Flipper is a cheap copy of iPad, you’ll say, because it’s a tablet? Do you know that iPad is actually a copy of Microsoft Tablet PC which appeared running Windows XP Tablet Edition long before tablets became popular, long before smartphones?

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@pauliunas a perfectionist I most definitely am, 100% guilty there. Eye catching design and functionality go hand in hand, like the quote “form follows function” it’s the functionality of the design that leads to the form.

Oh and this is a photo of my hand with a €1 coin for scale. Normal size I would say.

We could have those chamfered edges like the HTC 10 on the PF. Looks nice in my humble opinion.

Those in the back, near the edges?

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yes. Would be a nice design element in the PF.

Maybe but I think Eve should have their design already finished because they need to start arranging the components.

With all due respect but that’s definitely not the way, in my opinion at least, design of a product should be approached. One approaches the design of a product by creating new, original, distinguishing features that reflect the mentality of the product that is being developed. In our case ‘eve’ have shown a very different mentality to the norm and the device needs to show just that. The concepts that we have seen from @Propeller are a great example of this and show really professional and original design work from these guys which will definitely lead to a great final product!

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I agree with you , we should have a unique design in the PF. But those chamfered edges do look good, did HTC start it?
Anyways, by concepts from @Propeller , did you mean the design concepts like the GEODE, CONNECT and SHIELD by Eve-Tech? In my opinion, those weren’t fleshed out concepts, as they didn’t show things like port placement on the device. They did look innovative and different though.
Just wish the PF lives up to our dreams. :grinning:

Well a chamfer is a bit too much of a general detail to claim ownership. Surface tablet and ubuntu phones, to name the first that come to mind, all experimented with chamfers (in the broad term of it being a side that is not perpendicular to the faces it connects). But yes HTC have really pushed this chamfer like the greatest thing ever since sliced bread!

Yep that’s them, those were produced by the design agency for eve (correct me if I’m wrong here anyone…)

PF is being built with our dreams so there is a great chance it will live up to them!

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From the remains of them that I’ve seen, they don’t look “new” or anything original to me… They’re just Microsoft Surface with a more humble and slimmer appearance. Slimmer by that the edges of it are rounded just to look slimmer. I’m not a huge fan of it, I’d prefer a flat design that is “transparent” and “honest” about its true thickness, and those HTC 10-style edges have no practical meaning here, IMO. A phone absolutely needs them, because you want to hold it in one hand, but a tablet is OK for me as long as it doesn’t have sharp corners that cut my hands ;D

I just want a nice looking device sort of like the style of the Surface series with such a design that is a pleasure to hold :wink: I’d say keep it simple :smiley:


I think I am missing all the hype about HTC 10 but to me it looks a bit blunt and not much different from any other devices that they have made in the past years. It is just that colored aluminium with various edging doesn’t look that exciting on a $700 phone, when a lot of Chinese knockoff brands are pumping out equally made phone bodies (not internals and software) on things that cost $100-200.

Our tablet need to look, simple, unique and premium.


It is nice to have type C because after using the amazing data transfer speeds, and fast charging, I just don’t feel like going back to type B micro USB

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It seems very curious for me that I never used an USB Type B port :smiley: Never used and never saw it even in real life (maybe I saw but I didn’t recognise it). Only types that are common here are micro USB and USB Type A :wink:

Micro USB is actually Type B Micro. I don’t think the full size type B ever took off.


@nawthor @Artur the only think I’ve ever seen USB-B used in is a printer, and most of that has gone away thanks to wireless printing. I think I also have an old USB hub that has it. Yeah, it isn’t seen much anymore (but neither is micro USB-A).