HTC 10, hot or not?


Hey guys! Slightly off topic… Yesterday the HTC 10 has launched, confirming all the previous leaks we’ve been seeing for the past months. Below is a photo of the front of the device, lots more photos from all angles can be found here (

It’s being given titles like “HTC’s best phone in years” ( with particular emphasis on its “great design”. What’s the opinion in here regarding this hardware design? I never check out the spec list if I don’t like the hardware design so I don’t really want to discuss the internals here, just first impressions. I’ve had strong opinions about this design from the leaks, which are confirmed here, but I’ll let you guys start this off as I don’t want to influence your opinions immediately positively or negatively. So, is the new HTC 10 hot or not in your opinion?


I suggest you wait for the Eve Phone :wink:


I always loved HTC’s design. That and their unique ability to squeeze every bit of performance out of every piece of their hardware. RAM usage is ridiculiusly low compared to other brands, multitasking and gaming is ridiculously fast, even with lower-end models. In fact, HTC Sense is much faster than stock android. The only thing I totally hate about this design is USB C, which requires expensive cables or an adapter to plug in stuff. I’d rather connect everything directly :slight_smile:


My dad has a HTC One M7, and it runs smooth as butter even now. The only problem is poor battery life (few hours) and overheating, even while making a call.


Never heard of such problems… Has he tried using the warranty? HTC phones basically never overheat, especially metal ones. And battery should last a full day of good usage. There might be a problem with the CPU controller. Or bad kernel’s governor settings, which should be fixed by re-flashing the firmware.


It’s a few years old. He’s planning of getting an LG G4 now . How is it? And btw my dad has a very low budget when it comes to phones. The G4 is around 300$ now, in the UAE.


I’d say he better get Asus Zenfone 2, which costs 200-300 online :slight_smile: there are various models of it, I bought the smaller 5" model (others are all 5.5") because I hate big phones. A couple of months later, I have ansolutely no regrets. The curved back makes it very pleasant and steady in hand. It’s also praised for antenna quality. Although I can’t comment on this, as Lithuania has above 99% cellular cover and call quality is perfect with any crappy chinese antenna.
The most expensive model costs around 400, but it’s literally an overkill with 64bit dual (or quad?) core CPU above 2GHz and hyper threading, oh and 4GB of RAM. The ZE500CL (5", 190€) is perfectbfor me, even though it has a 32bit 1.6GHz CPU, lowest of the line.


I’d say that LG has better brand value. And can’t go wrong with snapdragon 808 and 3gb RAM.
I actually showed this very phone to him, as there is a 4gb RAM variant of it, but my bro(16yrs) said that ASUS isn’t a well known brand for phones, so my dad dropped the idea.


Heh, then tell him he’s wrong. Asus has recently taken the US market by storm, and its build quality is better than most. Also, does the LG have Marshmallow? It’s the previous flagship, so it will probably cease to have updates. Asus is still keeping the 64bit models up to date, and even my very unpopular 32bit phone still gets updates to Asus software, just not major Android updates. In general, I’d stay away from current market leaders, as they vastly overprice their products. And Intel Atom is much more powerful than snapdragon in general. Zenfone 2 is better than current flagships in performance (ats least the bigger screen models)


I would advise you to either wait for the S7 to drop its price or to go for a mi5 or ZenFone 2 with the 4GB RAM so that it will be fast for years to come. Only thing is that the skin is an acquired taste and you won’t be sure about having updates.


I’ll see. Can’t really say right now


Yeah the HTC 10 looks very promising :smiley: @pauliunas


I was talking about M8 or M9, because his budget clearly won’t allow for a $800 device :slight_smile: Oh, and there’s also the A9 and M8s, which are basically improved versions of M8


The skin they have (sense) is always praised by everyone @pauliunas


Eh, the launcher. “skin” can easily be confused with a protective case. Anyway, I always said that HTC just makes Sense™ in every aspect :wink: Compared to it, pure android is absolutely a NonSense™ :smiley:


BTW, does the 10 really feature a physical home button? If that’s true, then I LOVE IT!!! Do you imagine what a PITA it is to answer a call when it’s -20C outside? Having a physical button helps a lot, as you can configure it to answer calls. Even if the firmware doesn’t support it, I’m ready to root it just for this one feature :smiley: oh, and ADBLOCK of course.


It has a physical home button but I think it is slighly off-centered (closer to the bottom) and think they should have cut that extra bezel but overall it looks great! @pauliunas


Actually, I think it’s better to have it as far as possible from the screen. On my Zenfone 2, the buttons don’t have a clear distinction from the screen, and I keep pressing on-screen items as I press the hardware buttons. I find it awesome to have them further from the screen to avoid such cases. I have no doubt that’s what HTC intended by this decision - they’re always very practical with their designs :slight_smile:


Two things I noticed and that can bother some, the lack of an IR blaster (there was in previous models though) and wireless charging :wink: @pauliunas


Yeah, maybe, but at least for me, these features are useless. Wireless charging is damn expensive and wastes energy, and a good old universal remote is always better than a phone with touchscreen controls. It’s really the same as using your phone as a keyboard - a complete nonsense in my opinion, as a real keyboard will provide the physical feedback and a much more comfortable typing. Plus, you don’t need to look at a universal remote to use it, you can just feel it with your fingers. Just my opinion…