How's everyone's eve?


Sounds like good trouble shooting to me. Not unlike what EVE conducted in the beginning.


Only when a mouse,external display and keyboard is attached.
The pen broke, the keyboard broke, the backlight work out.
I want EVE’S support team to do something about.

You have got to be kidding me. So even people who get devices receive junk that breaks asap without any support to have it repaired.


We all know already, honestly.


Different view of the saga, ehy?


It’s more that repeating the same (even if it is true) message is not really necessary. :hugs:


Believe you me, as soon as I’ve received my refund, you’ll be repetition free immediately and can dwell in your ‘EveTech is the greatest delusion’ undisturbed.


Don’t see red, but one could add a wait and see reality touch: I waited quite a bit longer than you and am a satisfied V owner now.
This is the only reality I’ve experienced.
If that’s making you qualified to classify people with other experiences than yours as dwelling in “EveTech is the greatest delusion” sounds absurd.


I got my V i7 in the first batch and I have since been using it heavily. I haven’t faced any issues till now, everything works smooth. The only problem I see is the touch pad. I feel its not that great and needs some update to work properly. Till now I am very happy.


Firstly, you were a participant in a crowd funded project, people who purchased at the flash sale are customers promised to have their goods delivered by January or February.
And secondly I don’t know how a ‘Senior Creator’, or anybody for that matter, can be so self-centered and ignore everything happening on this forum and write such truly delusional, post-modern rubbish, pretending that only ones’ own experience is ‘reality’. Reality is what corresponds with truth but I understand that EveTech and apparently their followers have some issues with that.
Do please excuse me for disturbing your oh so important universe that centers only around you and people with the same experiences but ignores and slights the 35%ers.
Makes this company ever more so attractive, doesn’t it?