How's everyone's eve?


My EVE is very good.
EVE can also encode video and can also work comfortably with MS office.
You can also create a scrapbook using One note.

Only when a mouse,external display and keyboard is attached.
The pen broke, the keyboard broke, the backlight work out.
I want EVE’S support team to do something about.


Most of us are walking on eggs.


I like this, mine is already cracked! :rofl:


Wow… omg. I jot the only one with a broken keyboard. How did u keyboard break?


I’ve had mine since February.
Keyboard arrived without working Bluetooth functionality, but that was remedied quite quickly (about 2 weeks after I contacted support).

No problems to report.

Battery life is on-par with what I’d expect from an Intel-based tablet (8-10 hours).
Keyboard lights and Bluetooth work great. Keyboard battery life is 2-3 hours on wireless.

Not sure why so many other people are having difficulties.


My screen’s coating has been scratched by my keyboard… especially corners of the touchpad.

The back of my device is protected by dbrand.

Now I wish I can get better screen protectors.

Love the calibration but it always reset itself.

Still haven’t figure out how to avoid the keyboard popping up in tablet mode.


This might be a longer discussion to have elsewhere, but my experience from a previous Windows tablet was that this would occur when the tablet (temporarily) lost connection to the physical keyboard while in a text field.

Edit: Just realized you said “in tablet mode”, so not sure my advice will help you.


First, “F12” & “Delete” & “^” & “[” & left "keys became unusable.
I can not use F12, so I can no use Bluetooth.(╯•﹏•╰)
After that, all the keys became unusable.

While replacing the keyboard,The backlight no longer works.( ◢д◣)


Mine is doing fine and I’m enjoying it.

My accessories didn’t show up with it. I filed a support ticket and told them not to rush because I was OK with waiting since other people had more pressing problems. Thats what they did and I got everything eventually.

I’ve had some minor issues with Ghost Touches and the V waking up while closed and put away in my bag. I avoid wake up by putting the V into Hibernation from the Start Menu. I haven’t nailed down the cause of the ghost touch problem but it happens so rarely that I’m not worried about it. I updated the drivers and it got a lot better

I put the included screen protector on as soon as I noticed a small spot of the coating getting worn. It’s not that great but it works and I’ll get a Brotect one of these days.

I shaved a little material off of my USB-C cables and don’t have anymore loose port issues. Pen clip broke but I never used it and the pen still works.

Keyboard is great. No issues other than it’s BT operation being sub-par. I’m happy with the speakers. I’m struggling with some program scaling but I think that’s just me not knowing Win 10 well enough yet…or just Win 10 being Win 10.


It sounds like you may have tried this already, but are you sure it’s the keyboard, and not a connection of the pins to the tablet? With only half of the keyboard working, it makes me wonder if there is a short or a bad connection somewhere.
Also, you probably tried this, but are you sure the Bluetooth on the keyboard is on? I realize faulty keys, but I only ask because it took me a little while to get used to turning the Bluetooth on-and-off on the keyboard.


Awesome, 100% perfectly fine.


Me too Me too Mee too :star_struck:


After a long time coming it has been working fine after a few initial hassles. I’ve been up and running for months, always with the latest Insiders release of Windows 10 Pro. Faultless for me these days. I always get a buzz out of using this little beast everyday :slight_smile:
I’m still waiting for the accessories, which given it’s been 18 months since they were ordered, is a bit of a disappointment.


Pen broke & still have some palm rejection issues but other than that, it’s good! :smile: I enjoy painting on it!


I am glad you got your accessories, it has been two weeks short of six months for me since I opened the case for my accessories, have been following it up, but I am yet to see them.

My Eve on the other hand as I posted last week in another thread is working great. Had the same issues as I you did, including the worn screen coating …etc. But got to it before it worse with a Brotect screen protector (anti-glare version).

So still waiting on support but hey, mine is a minor like yours and thought it would eventually get sorted :face_with_raised_eyebrow: , at least my issue is minor compared to breakdowns and waiting for their device.

I have to note the blistering speed of the Samsung 1TB SSD.


Bummer you haven’t gotten your accessories yet.:confused: Hopefully soon once an investor is on board. I’ve been happy with the 1TB SSD as well.


Everytime I close the keyboard, I got 50/50 chance that it would wake up with ghost touch, and/or fails to enter sleep mode in the first place (hence battery drain).

The coating on the screen is scratched, as others have mentioned.

Everything else is great.


The place where the key can not be used is the red part.
The flexible cable may have been disconnected.

I polished the point of contact but I could not improve it.


So far, my Eve V i5 is doing very well. Had it since March. I use my V for work and play. I can get about 6 hours or so during my working hours without a problem sometimes less depending on what I am doing that day. At home I game on it all the time with my eGPU and has been pretty stable however my eGPU can be a bit finicky.

Occasionally my V will reboot itself or not wake up. Not sure it it is a windows problem or a device problem. The only real major problem that I have is my keyboard’s trackpad. It sucks, jumps everywhere and non-responsive. Not a huge deal since I can use my mouse but I would still like to have working trackpad for when I forget my mouse somewhere. So far, I haven’t received a replacement. My ticket was created months ago.

Overall, I am satisfied with my V.


Overall - I like it, perfect device for me, design and performance - everything is good. (V i5).
Few issues I’ve got so far:

  1. Wake’s up for no reason while in the sleeve (eve updates installed few times, started to happen after windows updates). Tried to turn off my Bluetooth mouse - could be a coincidence - but helps (doesnt wake up). Also - doesnt go to sleep when cover is closed occasionally, so I have to press the power button all the time.

  2. One pogo pin got broken (loose, but still works if keyboard attached carefully) - second in a row, and smaller then first one - so definitely I didnt do anything to it (i’m disconnecting my keyboard only once or twice a month)

  3. one hinge is looser - doesnt really affect the usability

  4. power button gets stuck from time to time and V turns off. There is a small gap between the screen and edge and power button is really lower so when pressed - if moved a bit down - it gets stuck on the edge of a button hole.

Other than that - perfect device , would buy another, lets just see how everything will workout for EVE first…