Howdy. Long time lurker first time poster.

Long time lurker … First time poster. Voting got me really into this. I can’t wait to get the new monitors when they come out. And the next gen devices from Eve look really awesome. I couldn’t believe that Eve wasn’t listed on the Wiki so I posted over there >>

Meanwhile … I’m more of a visual guy when trying to track timelines and stuff. Is there any kind of a visual reference as to where we are in the development process and when the various components will be released? I’ve got two to three other people that are really looking forward to the release of the new devices…

In any case, hello from Plano, Texas.


Hello, @Jefferson_Nunn!

Welcome to our community! You can find the timeline of Project: V here. We keep it updated when new topics get released. I hope you enjoy crowd-development projects in the community!


Hey there!
We’re nearly neighbors - haha.
I’m located around DFW as well.

I haven’t been as active in the community as I once was, but I’ve been here a while.
Welcome to the community!

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Yeah not too much updated since June and I’m not talking about a “looking back” timeline. I’m talking about a looking forward timeline. What do you plan to do this year, next year, etc.

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We will release more information when applicable, as the project development progresses. Our community members are always the first to hear the latest news!