How will you celebrate the Eve V 1 year pre-order anniversary


November 21st will be the 1 year anniversary of pre-orders opening up on indiegogo. I will celebrate either by re-reading all the update threads with a large glass of wine, or clicking refresh on the delivery tracking website to see if my Eve V is any closer to arriving.

How will you celebrate?


by not raging about not having the V in my hands now, LOL


Celebrating by having my birthday the same exact date


I will tell everybody: Hey I backed a new 2in1 device at 21. of November and it’s gonna be delivered end of November. How did they do that!!!


By telling people how awesome Eve and the V is. I’ve successfully converted several people into Eve supporters throughout the months I’ve been here and I convinced them to hold off until the V is for sale! (Or at least wait until it’s released so they can have some hands-on time)


Just logged into my backerkit and I’m ready to ship…


I had a launch party with my friends last year when the preorders on IGG began, if I do anything this year, they’d go ,“It’s been a year. You’ve been scammed”. So I’m keeping silent, till I get my hands on the V xD


I’ll growl as angry and as loud as a I can, if my V has not been sent of until than. I’m sure they will even hear it in china. DON’T TRY!!!