How will the V influence what you take with you?


So, since I’m the same as everyone in our team (and I suppose most people of the team) and can’t wait to get the V into my hands, I wanted to ask you how the V is gonna affect what you’re carrying with you on a holiday/usual work day! :slight_smile:
Also because I’m with the team right now and my messenger bag is so heavy I could hit someone with it if I wanted to kill them :wink:

Because I think that is one of the coolest thing - to see how the V can change the everyday life of people!

So, for me currently my everyday stuff looks like this (holiday stuff that comes in extra in braces):

  • Dell Vostro 3560 (notebook)
  • (Nintendo 3DS)
  • OnePlus 2 (phone)
  • Dell Charger
  • USB A-C cable
  • USB A-MicroUSB cable (to borrow to other people)
  • (Smartphone Charger)
  • (3DS charging cable)
  • multiple normal Pens
  • At least one notepad, usually like 3-4
  • USB-A Mouse

And let’s be frank - that stuff is GOD DAMN HEAVY. So, the V will let me get rid of the following things:

  • Dell Vostro
  • Dell Charger
  • USB A-C cable
  • (Smartphone Charger)
  • Multiple Notepads (I’ll keep one around for exams [at least I hope I do])
  • Countless normal pens
  • USB-A mouse

And I’ll replace that like over 3 kilos of cables & electronics with under 1.5 of the V and a charger that will work on ALL my devices (Ok, except my 3DS but I’ll replace that with a Switch and then EVERYTHING will be USB-C! :smiley: )

So, the V will make my life much easier - and now I’m interested how the V will influnece what you take with you! :slight_smile:


Heh… Full of stuff :stuck_out_tongue:
Here’s what I bring with me currently:

  • Asus Zenfone 2 (the “rare” 5" model)
  • 3 sets of IEMs/earbuds (one for noisy environments, one for better quality, one for lending people) as well as Y-splitter for headphones
  • USB DAC/amp Fiio E17k
  • Acer Iconia W700 (Windows tablet)
  • A mini keyboard (like, around as big as my phone) for the occasions where I just can’t do without a physical one (for example selecting something in a bootloader)
  • USB hub
  • Tablet charger
  • Very short USB cable, for charging my phone off the tablet
  • USB HDD, because some smart ass decided that putting a 64GB SSD into a Windows tablet was a good idea…
  • Several flash drives - you know, pre-configured Windows install media, Ubuntu live session, some quick file transfers…
  • A bunch of notebooks, pens, pencils and all that crap
  • Maybe I forgot to mention something?

When I get my V, I’ll be carrying around these:

  • Eve V
  • V charger - not always, hopefully
  • Zenfone 2
  • Short USB cable
  • All the same earbuds
  • FiiO E17k
  • Flash drives
  • Maybe a USB hub and a keyboard (without numpad, so that it fits in my backpack) - because I doubt the V keyboard will satisfy me with its way too minimal layout (too small arrow keys, no dedicated home/end keys), and if I connect a keyboard I’ll already need an extra USB port
  • A mouse

Hmm, I think it’s almost a tie. I currently don’t take a mouse with me, because my current tablet is soooo slow that I can’t use it for real computer work anyway…


The V for me represents the first step for changing what I’m gonna bring with me of course but personally it wouldn’t change so much the weight of my backpack.
Now I’m using an IPad Air for reading PDF and presentation and V will substitute it (so it will weight a bit more) and for notes I use sigle sheets of paper writing with few pens, but I hope V will allow me to leave all them at home :slight_smile:
Maybe also chargers and the power banks won’t be necessary but to be sure of it I’ll need to test V by myself


Here’s my list of what I carry!

  • Small Wacom Tablet with pen
  • OnePlus 1
  • Charger with charging cable
  • Samsung T1 portable SSD
  • PS Vita ( not so much today )
  • Sony headphones

Here’s what the V will get me rid of

  • Huge 8lb Clevo gaming laptop
  • Huge charging cable for the laptop
  • Huge school bag
  • Wacom Tablet

Here’s what I’ll carry in the future to get rid heavy stuffs

  • The V
  • Nintendo Switch ( to replace the Vita )


Here’s my list:
• iPad Pro 9.7" with Apple keyboard cover + Apple Pencil in distressed leather sleeve
• MS Surface Book + Surface Pen in sleeve
• Apple iPhone 6S (work)
• Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (personal)
• Charger with multi USB ports with charging cables (2 for Apple, 1 Samsung)
• Charger for MS Surface Book
• LaCie 2.5" portable HDD 4 GB USB-C/USB 3
• Lightning (Apple) dock to VGA, HDMI and miniDP for presentation
• miniDP to VGA, miniDP to HDMI
• Focal headphones

Here’s what the V will get me rid of
• iPad Pro 9.7" with Apple keyboard cover + Apple Pencil in distressed leather sleeve
• MS Surface Book + Surface Pen in sleeve
• Charger for MS Surface Book
• Lightning (Apple) dock to VGA, HDMI and miniDP for presentation
• miniDP to VGA, miniDP to HDMI

Here’s what I’m planning to buy for V:
• small dock with 2x USB 3, HDMI, miniDP, (maybe VGA), LAN and SD card reader for presentation


If you find one that has HDMI and VGA would be cool to let us know, I will need one for university :slight_smile:


@Tirigon this is not ideal (not all I want) but close and it is USB-C - I will still need SD card (full size) reader and miniDP is missing:


My List:
2 x Uni Books
3 x Notepads
2 x Paper Binder
MacBook Pro
Many x Pens
External HDD
Sony A7RII (Camera)

For me, the V will basically just replace the MacBook, and Hopefully the Paper Binders and 1 Notepad (I still like writing & sketching on paper sometimes. Replacing the MBP is huge though, as that thing is heavy.


You wanna sell your surface book :wink:


Currently I usually carry:

  • Kindle Touch (ereader)
  • SmartPhone (USB-C )
  • MHL Cable
  • Macbook6,5 15" (Laptop)
  • Apple charger
  • USB A to MicroUSB cable
  • Wacom Intuos4 + Pen (Digitizer tablet)
  • MiniUSB to USB-A cable
  • Phone Charger (USB-C)
  • Multiple normal Pens
  • At least one notepad
  • USB-A Mouse
  • Normal 3,5mm jack headphones (for phone/kindle)
  • Bluetooth headphones.
  • An external battery for on the recharges.
  • Altoids thin can full of USB Memory Sticks and microSD cards + one micro to sdcard adapter.
  • HDMI-DVI cable + DVI to VGA conversor.

What I hope to have to carry:

  • The V + pen
  • V charger
  • Kindle Touch (ereader)
  • Smartphone
  • USB A-MicroUSB cable
  • Multiple normal Pens
  • At least one notepad
  • Normal 3,5mm jack headphones (for phone/kindle)
  • Bluetooth headphones.
  • Altoids thin can full of USB Memory Sticks and microSD cards + one micro to sdcard adapter.
  • HDMI-DVI cable + DVI to VGA conversor.


I’m pretty sure you meant 3.5mm :wink: Jacks are 2.5mm, 3.5mm and 1", 3.5mm being the most popular one :slight_smile:


Lessee… What I carry now:

in my bag

  • Apple MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2010)
  • Ill-fitting 15" sleeve around the MBP, was from my older laptop
  • Microsoft USB-C charger
  • Regular ballpoint pen
  • Allan key multi-tool for quick bike fixes
  • Copious amounts of energy drink, usually

in my pocket

  • Microsoft Lumia 950
  • USB-A/USB-microB flash drive (keychain)

In the end, really, it’ll just be the MBP and its ill-fitting sleeve that will be replaced by the Eve V and its sexy magnetic sleeve. I don’t need to bring a charger for my Mac now, doubt I’ll need one for the V. I might carry an Eve charger instead, if it’s not much larger than the Microsoft one…


yep, misstiped it, Thankyou.


Right now I have:
-several notebook and pens
-MacBook pro 17"
-Ipad Air 2 (mostly for private stuff and some games)
-several chargers and Powerbanks
-Clamp Meter for Meassuring Power
-sACn to DMX node
-LED Flashlight
-sometimes a Tolino eReader (best thing to read digital books)
-serveral Adapters
-serveral USB Keys

In the End the V should replace mainly my notebooks but also sometimes makes my work much easier since I can now directly work on a windows machine (some of my lighting software is still Windows only) and for meetings I might leave my whole bag at home or in the car and just take the V with me.
The power banks will soon be replaced by an omnicharge pro and so I can get rid of a lot of cables, adapters and chargers…


That’s surprising. How’s the “Lumia life” nowadays, I wonder? I can’t imagine it being very pleasant.


It is very pleasant.
Especialy when I look to my left and right at my colleagues with their Androids and iPhones.
But let’s not start another mobile OS war here.
All I can say is that I love to have my Lumia 950.


Like @andybotty said, it’s quite pleasant indeed. I was happy with my 920 before, and I’m happy with my 950 now… And also like he said (a wise man, that Andy!), let’s not start a mobile OS war here. There are beautiful Android devices out there, and iPhones are also excellent smartphones. My preference is for Windows 10 Mobile, but that does not make it the perfect choice for every user. To each their own!

Now, let’s get back on topic. What can you clear out of your bag once you have your V?


I thought about adding the same to my post. Thanks.

Back to topic:
I will not take my notebook-backpack with me since I think I won’t need it anymore.
At the moment when I travel I take my notebook with me. Not so often but that will probably change with the V

In the backpack there is

  • Asus G55 Notebook - I used to use it for gaming a lot but not anymore. It is heavy and the battery lasts for 2 hours (because of the powerfull CPU and GPU)
  • Power Brick for the G55. - It is also big and heavy as you can imagine
  • HDMI cable
  • Some adapters
  • Some CDs and DVDs with software I haven’t used for a while but is still in that big bag.

In the future I will take with me (in whatever case or bag i travel with)

  • V
  • V Power Brick
  • Some adapters
  • Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter


If you can win over my wife … :slight_smile:


Nope that’s impossible :wink: