How to use to redeem code for long-wait-orders?



In the last e-mail from eve-team I read:
“As compensation for the long wait and even more so, for your unbelievable support through this whole process, we have prepared a 50$ gift card in our web store for all orders placed between December 2017 and April 2018, which may be redeemed with this code: …”

So, how do I have to use the code for redeeming? Can somebody walk me through the steps and buttons I need to click? Is the code already usable, or do we have to wait?



I guess you may start using the promocode once we are able to buy the accessories separately sometime during this month. Not sure if it works if you’re intending to buy another V


But the e-mail says “for … orders placed between December 2017 and April 2018”, means for things you have already purchased, not for things you will buy in the future. Correct me if I am wrong!


Their wording is a bit convoluted, but I take it to mean that the $50 is for future orders.


Yes, it’s very badly worded, but my assumption is that it means

we have prepared a 50$ gift card in our web store for all [customers with] orders placed between December 2017 and April 2018, which may be redeemed with this code:…


I’ve spoken to support, the accessories store will go online later this month.


Yep sorry for the confusion everyone!

It’s a coupon for 50$ off for your next purchase. The accessory store will go online later this month so you can use it properly :slight_smile:
Coupon first, Shop later so people have a fair chance to use it :wink:


Hi @iKirin ,how are we able to use this cupon, when will it expire?


@iKirin i don’t really want to say this but May is over soon. Could you tell us whether the store is opening?


I rather think it will need to wait until the issue with frozen payments is resolved, which means waiting until the current investment round is complete so as to unblock the log-jam.


Hello is there any update with this?? Or did the shop open and close and will reopen again? Been waiting for quite a while to use my code and don’t want to forget to use it…:frowning:


The coupon is still available, but V is not, at least now. Who make a purchase now may even wait to next year shipping

For me I will save it maybe V gen 2 come out, not for extra accessories, shipping is too expensive


What would you possibly use the coupon code for? The company has a backlog of almost a year that they continually lie about.


I don’t think the coupon works this way. I would suspect that with the coupon you will be able to add an accessoire to your V purchase and redeem 50$, so you will not pay extra shipping cost. Otherwise, if you would have to buy the accessoire separetely to use your coupon, the shipping cost would almost compensate the coupon completely and make it pointless.


But I already made the order, how can I add another accessories?

btw the shipping cost in my country is 140$


I also just sent an e-mail to support, asking how we can add an accessory to the order and when the coupon will be available, and I will keep you updated when they repply.


@Nestak I’m not sure if you are aware, but some customers are still waiting almost a year for their device to be delivered. I don’t know what gives you confidence to assume their web shop & coupon will be usable.


I am one of these customers. And yes, I agree on being to optimistic with my expectations on the web shop and coupon availability. The reply I received from support says:

"Hi …,

Thanks for reaching out to us … You will be able to use it once our online store is live. You will be able to purchase individual items that will ship to you. Unfortunately, we cannot make amendments to your current order. Thank you!

Support Team"

So, pointless coupon for most of the customers, despite some really dedicated ones that want to wait another year for an order and don’t care about shipping.


That’s quite in my expectation…

Yeah the coupon is really like a joke for most of customers, after suffering such long time waiting for shipping/replacement.

EVE should have better compensation rather than this coupon joke, don’t know whether they realize that, likely not. They can’t even solve their shipping problem, so imo if futher compensation exists, it still need to wait after the issue for EVE (shipping&support) be fixed


Right, this certainly does not sound encouraging.
But, on the other hand, as Eve is getting a bit more grip on the backlog list, this doesn’t necessarily mean that all customer problems /customer uncertainties can be solved at once.