How to spend the time waiting for a V


I’ve been out of college for 3 1/2 years, and even I have been feeling this way.
It has been so long since the Indiegogo campaign that the “new purchase amnesia” has worn off. :joy:


And what is that supposed to mean? (Genuinely curious)


It’s probably because flags generally have your name on the notice.

So they think it’s you that actually did it.


Messages that a post was hidden will always have my name on them, regardless of who acted on the flag, if any. I am the “site contact username”, so all automated messages (expect for the welcome message) are sent with my username. Makes it easier for me to notice and respond in case something happens compared to having it sent from @system.


And it makes sense, because you’re a robot/AI :robot:


just general flag proofing :blush:


For us it is “that big frighting man in black with that enormous spear threatening me again”

With the unavoidable question: “will he hit me with his shield or will he simply impale me”

Just ordinary peace filled thoughts, definitely positive (somewhere) :hugs:


You are on the right path, thank you.

Oh, did one tell you already where this path normally ends ?

Well, the easiest part first: 2 will not stay 2 :scream_cat:
Now the scientific part:
The average: 4 kittens a bit later. -yep, twice a year.
that makes 6 + 4 = 10
One year later (please fill in): . . . . . . . .
One year later (please fill in): . . . . . . . .
One year later (please fill in): . . . . . . . .

OK, you won THIS: you were for a good time thinking about something else than thinking about V troubles.

Relax , the team will win, :muscle::hugs:


I’m actually doing that game. It will be on Unity. For now It’s pretty simple, but I think to put it on github to let others to pitch in and create a small but awesome game. Would be nice if you could later integrate it into your site.


I spent my waiting time for V today with my other Finnish toy with German upgrade - Sako 85 7 mm Remington Magnum + Zeiss Scope. Got Whitetail Buck.


Damn thats some advanced math right there, only math I know is:

2+2 is 4. Minus 1, thats 3. Quick Maths.



Post the Github link when you have pushed something, I might be tempted at joining in. Never done anything with Unity though. Will it be JS, C#, or what language do you use for unity? Whats your plan? This should be its own thread!


Time to resurect a thread from a year ago… seems appropriate on the anniversary of the flash sale.

[Picture is from the play “Waiting for Godot” with Nathan Lane]

Well, it has been one whole year since the infamous “flash sale”

Precious few buyers have had their units shipped, and we now have nearly 8 months of excuses. Lets revisit, shall we?

Here is an abbreviated (and snark filled) timeline of where thing are at, 1 whole year later

Dec (early) 2017 - THE FLASH SALE BEGINS!!!
ColdMN places his order…

Feb (mid) 2018 - Chinese New Year delays, going to be late

Feb (late) 2018 - Bad screens, issues with tracking numbers

Mar (early) 2018 - Going to focus on “Project B”, but, EVE V will be late

Mar (mid) 2018 - Hey! Lets have a workshop… but, units are delayed (still blaming Chinese New Year)


April (early) 2018 - Bad screens, again, going to be later than promised

April (mid) 2018 - Recalls/product issues (again)

April (late). 2018 - Excuses start to become very real, looking for investors, promises to have all units shipped by end of June

[ColdMN starts refund process]

May (early) 2018 - Useless shipping estimator

May (mid) 2018 - Anyone want to help write an investors pitch?

May (late) 2018 - blaming PayPal

[ColdMN gets PayPal to refund full $1700+]


June (early) 2018 - blaming frozen funds, but nice pics from some warehouse on planet earth

June (late) 2018 - Broken promises to fix broken devices

July (early) 2018 - Broken promises on shipping units

July (mid) 2018 - Promises to get you refunds by end of August

July (late) 2018 - More blaming payment processors, lack of investors with money

Aug (early) 2018 - Still looking for investors, talking to industry folks

Aug (mid) 2018 - Hunting for investors, but, no refunds on the horizon

Aug (late) 2018 - Continues to claim units are shipping, claims investors have been found and another trip to China!


Sept (early) 2018 - Spending time doing warehouse audits, must be pretty easy to count on one hand- but brought a second just in case

Sept (mid) 2018 - Another photo of stack of things, but, no update on units shipped, and investors are not releasing funds

Sept (late) 2018 - More promises for refunds… broken, and investors having issues,

Oct (early) 2018 - No units will be shipped until the rest of the funds come through… and no refunds

Oct (mid) 2018 - Investor can’t find their checkbook

Oct (late) 2018 - Investor still can’t find their checkbook

Nov (early) 2018 - Investor can’t find a pen with ink to write the check

Nov (mid) 2018 - Now investor can’t find where they left the checkbook

Nov (late) 2018 - Waiting for check to clear … and still no units or refunds


Dec (early) 2018 - A cute Santa hat above people’s avatars, but coal in their stockings

Folks who got their units already, hope you don’t have issues and best of luck… you will need it

Folks who are still waiting for units, deepest sympathy … better luck next time, thanks for playing


Truth hurts. Truth nonetheless.