How to spend the time waiting for a V


Join the club on that one!!


You could join the discussion on the next Eve device - the Donald Dock - and be part of shaping the future!


Learn to make Chinese New Year food, such as turnip cake 蘿蔔糕, rice cake年糕, for all the Chinese workers, especially delivery guys, to speed them up. Or else, your device may delayed to be deliver after Chinese New Year (a week long holiday)


In deep regret and anxiety😆


Start a family. I’ve been waiting over a year for my Eve V. Plenty of time to get married and have a child.

Just kidding. Super pumped to be getting my Eve V soon and I’m sure fire sale backers will get their devices in a couple of months.


As my cooking skills are somewhere somehow linked to intestinal pains, are you sure it will speed up the V delivery?


Well. I might try that. Not sure that I’ll do that quick though. May be I should do an open source one on Unity? But I’ll need to research how it is done.


Okay now you guys made me curious… Maybe I shouldn’t spend time with playing but developing such a game :joy:
Windows universal app developers here? :joy: Would be an interesting challange - will my LB V arrive first, or will the game be developed :joy: :joy:


I could try to help with graphics in my 3time if you only need 2d assets. I can only work on the weekend though since I’m away from my of and don’t own a V yet during the week.


Same situation here - It’d only be possible for me to develop in my free time but I don’t have much of it until christmas :confused: but maybe I’ll try to set up a little project, maybe only as a simple browsergame :smiley: UWP would be much cooler… We’ll see :smiley:


I’m thinking more in the lines of ‘sorry Mario, but your V is in another castle’.


They must help you to remain pussy-tive :smiley:


Words of wisdom from Gladstone Gander:

“All comes to them who can sit and wait…”


I would seriously play game all day and make sure to make it visible somewhere :smiley: Maybe webspage? Email newsletter?

That would be awesome!


Guys, we are certainly winning the top spot in the best topic sweepstake.

Based on:

  • Only unmeritorious ranting
  • Whining antidote
  • Vaguely serious (open for questioning)
  • Reasonable useless
  • Lots of fun

yeaaaah, at last :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I’ll see what I can do the next few days… I’ve already developed some things, but never a game so I don’t want to promise anything :smile: If there will arise something, I’ll definitely share it with you all! :wink:


Forgot to add:
-reasonable nawthor proof


Kim Dotcom isn’t really the most likable person though :smiley:


Considering how far hes gone to give our privacy back to us, I would place him in the similar, if not the same, hero level as Edward Snowden. Remember, he was already rich when he started MEGA, he didnt need to do all that stuff that might (and did) endanger his, and his families’ life.

Also i like the CLK Mercedes :slight_smile:

Modern day (internet) heroes

I want cats again, but I’m a renter, and the pet deposit alone is astronomically expensive. (Years ago I used to have MANY cats.)
:tired_face: :cloud::heart_eyes_cat: :cat: