How to Keyboard: The super secret community guide to successful keyboarding


Apparently it takes some expertise to keyboard, so because I’m bored at work, here’s a super secret guide to help you!

First Step: Watch this video!

How to connect your keyboard keybaord via Bluetooth

  1. Detach keybaord from V
  1. Pair your device.


This is the reason for this step:

  • fn-esc, kb blinks once (if two blinks then repeat)

If you don’t need the training wheels and want to keybaord like a big boy, keep this in mind:

What is up with this?!

This is a feature. You can change profiles with fn+1,2 and 3. So you can hop between badasses like a device.

To connect to multiple badasses:

  1. hit fn+1,
  2. connect to badass 8 by following steps 1-7 above (or just step 6 if you’re really good at kaybreading by now)
  3. then fn+2,
  4. repeat step 2 to connect to badass 9

now you can switch between badasses just by hitting fn+1 and fn+2.

Rumor has it you can even connect a third badass with fn+3 but thats way too device for me.

My keyboard is dropping keypresses like a DJ who misheard the word “beats”

Try updating your drivers, this has helped some people.

The official V drivers are here (if the link doesn’t go directly to a list of drivers, click the word called DOWNLOADS), but the cool kids are all “i don’t want your dinky drivers that were prolly stepped on eight ways to tuesday” and they go straight to the dealer for their fix.

The bluetooth component is part of the WiFi thingy so if i were getting the intel drivers i would get that too and speedball that for maximum enjoyment.

The two links in the sentence above links directly to the latest Intel drivers as at 14/3, so if you’re from the future use this link to find the good stuff.

Hey lookit - I did download the mythical v1.18 beta keyboard update!

turns out it was in the microSD card in my phone all this time! heh. Welp - its a firmware update for the keyboard, don’t really remember what it does but i think i’m using it - no complaints.

Care and feeding of your keyboard

Alcantara is kind of like a cat. Its nice to touch but somehow always looks dirty.

…so nothing like a cat because i can’t think of a dirty looking catnote1.

note1: SERIOUSLY do cats ever look dirty? I tried googlingnote2 and couldn’t find any.

note2: if you do try and search like I did with all the synonyms of “dirty” and “cat”, be very very careful what you search. Some of the searches returned results that will give you nightmaresnote3.

note3: …or help you develop a new weird ass fetish. I mean, that’s just what I heard.

To keep the fabric looking clean

  • Wash your hands.
  • Do not let cat or dog keybaord.
  • Naked molerats are ok.
  • Naked roommates are to be asked wtf they naked for.
  • Naked spouse/partner means put away your keyboard, you have more important things to do.
    • unless you’re a camgirl. then maybe keep some tissues handy to wipe your hands whenever you switch between tasks.
  • Occasionally wipe with moist cloth.
    • I mean the keyboard, wipe the keyboard. You can wipe your roommate if that’s a thing, but this is about the keybord.
      • if you needed this particular clarification then uh, i guess don’t forget to wash the moist cloth also.

To keep the keys looking clean

  • Wash your hands

To keep the trackpad looking clean

  • Washing your hands actually won’t help here because your skin naturally secretes oils
And you probably play D&D.

So if your trackpad starts getting shiny:

  • wipe down with a dry cloth.

If it still looks shiny:

  • wipe down with a dry cloth.
    That stuff is glass so there isn’t a coating for you to wear out.

WTF? Some three-key FN-Combos don’t work!

I need to text editor! How do i shift+pgup/pgdown/home/end?!

Shift+Pg-up and Pg-down is FN-shift-(left/right) arrow keys. but you probably already figured that out, because you’re a sensible person and you sensibly tried to do the sensible key combo.

…but did you know Shift+home/end is also FN-shift-(up/down) arrow keys?

Its true!

Shift+Pg-up and Pg-down = FN-LEFT SHIFT-(left/right) arrow keys

Shift+home/end = FN-RIGHT SHIFT-(up/down) arrow keys

…and here is a 100% understandable non-baffling reason as to why this is so:

And don’t worry, the team is not on drugs, they’re as confused by this as we are.

See? 100% sober + sensible + understandable.


*Random other FN-quiry!*

If you have any problems with other fn-combos, keep this in mind:

I think most you need to press fn first for most FN-Combos. if your combo doesn’t work, try all permutations of the combination. Sometimes, we all just gotta be like this guy:

remember to put your knees into it.

HALP! I need help with to Keyboard !

When to ask for help in the community

When the instruction in the super secret guide are too super secret, and when this other thread just won’t cut it:

When to support a ticket

When it is your preferred candidate, and all other issues not addressed by the super secret guide.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: if fixing your problem ostensibly involves superglue or a dremel, please contact support first before operating superglue or machinery.

Our community member and aspiring pokemaster @AML superglued his hands to his keyboard once and couldn’t catch a squirtle because it is very hard to pokeball with keybaord hands.

(Mostly) true story.

This is a wiki so feel free to add any edits to make this more super and more secret!

Story of my V - First days

I want to say that this didnt help me :(.


don’t be a @TheBestPessimist. I didn’t say it could fix uber sensitive trackpad! :sunglasses:


Well, the thing is i’m sick of having to switch my keyboard from my pc to v and then back to pc, whenever i am working at something. (yes, i am using both pc and V at the same time)

I just want to see it working properly already.


Lol ok you would really enjoy the multi bad-ass feature of the keyboard then I guess.

Just so we’re talking about the same thing - your issue is the trackpad on speed when connected by bluetooth, right? I also have the crazy mouse, and I haven’t tried fixing it - but it seems like a sensitivity thing, and my first instinct is that lowering the mouse sensitivity settings might help. Have you tried that?

Also, do you have a skin on your trackpad? Mine seems to have changed a bit since I applied a dbrand skin on it - it’s not consistent though. Moving is a bit less twitchy (so less mistakes) but at the same time it seems to click easier when I just lightly tap it. So it’s less sensitive and more sensitive at the same time. Go figure.


No skin, no anything.

Changing sensitivity didn’t help at all (note: when on bluetooth, the touchpad disappears from Settings (there’s no more precision touchpad over bluetooth), but --if i remember correctly (i’m at work, no V here)-- the mouse appears).

Ah, i see i wrote there keyboard: I should have written: kb & mouse.
(I have a weird setup with multiple monitors, and one of those is connected to a dongle which i sometimes connect to V. It’s just my setup for 2 persons and 1 PC + V at the same desk, don’t judge it).

L.E.: I am a (like taran from LTT) keyboard junkie, with a lot of keyboard shortcuts, so it only makes sense that i have 2 keyboards :D.