How to give your speakers further boost! Crowd developing V's speakers!



Hello community!

As you know we have already released an update to our speakers that increase volume and sound quality. As you know speakers sound much better after the update but there is definitely room for improvement. With this guide we want to let you test different settings for V speakers that make sound richer! This is not the fix for Windows sound distortion (That we will address with Realtek and ACL directly!)

Before we start I would like to thank @Marius_Hoppmann for spending his time on weekend to come up with perfect settings and this guide with me!

Once we decide the best settings with community we will push them out to everyone with driver update!

DISCLAIMER: This is an advanced tutorial. Proceed at your own risk!


This tutorial was created so that everyone can have the same settings on their V so we can compare them equally.

For this operation you will need:

  • latest audio drivers - if you don’t have them yet, download the package here: Driver updates 15.12

  • File with different audio settings. Get it here: AudioFX.reg

Let’s get started.

  1. Once you have installed the driver update, please download this file: AudioFX.reg
    (Just do not touch it yet :kissing_smiling_eyes:)

  2. Now press at the same time Windows-Key+R. This will open “Run” Window.
    If necessary clear the textbox and write: regedit
    Hit Enter!

  1. In the marked box copy over this text:
    and hit Enter!

  2. This should open the following folder just as in the screenshot.
    Now you have to find which is your realtek audio. The right id is the one, that contains a folder called “FxProperties”.

  3. Open this folder and now copy the ID. It looks like this: e18b0f00-e3c2-411d-b0f2-05d333a61992.
    Now you can close regedit.


  1. Open the downloaded file (AudioFX.reg), right click and hit EDIT. (to open file you need to select it -> right click -> edit)

  2. In the top you find a similar looking path, just like the one we have been at before.
    Replace the “ENTER-ID-HERE” with your ID you just copied.
    Now the top line should like this (just with your ID):


  1. If thats correct then save the file, and double click it (once you close the text editor select the file and double click it then click yes to what comes). Confirm that you want to make this changes to registry and done.

  2. Now you can open Realtek Manager (in the taskbar is a loudspeaker icon)
    go to Soundeffect and choose 1 of 5 settings in the Menu:

This is what you will get upon completion of the guide.

Please test them with various songs/videos/games.
Note: Sound still may be clipping thats another issue were solving. Right now the focus should be about the sound spectrum, bass, treble, etc…

Which sound profile do you like the most?

  • Eve 1
  • Eve 2
  • Eve 3
  • Eve 4
  • Eve 5
  • Other (I found a MUCH better setup and you must hear it out!)

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Thanks a lot for taking time! This will not solve windows sounds distortion issue but will improve audio quality further!
We will be solving distortion issue coming week with Realtek and Speaker supplier.

Audio Quality in Eve V
[X] Improve the speakers
2 weeks with the V

IMO windows sound distortion doesn’t really need fixing as they’re mainly low bitrate midi sounds… (is anyone seriously asking for 192kbps windows warning sound?!)


We will improve it as well! Why not :smiley: Now let’s make sound richer, you tried this guide?


HD windows doodoodoodoooon!.?..


yespls. :no_mouth:


… I never knew.
@konsta I’m LB, so others will have to test this for now


Cant wait to get your V to you!


I have downloaded this file ( it is MP3), selected and right clicked but in the menu is not EDIT option


I think the old audiophil and HiFi freak rule still is valid. It says:
You cannot make a piccolo-flute sound like a bass tuba because of physical limitations.


Try other way, Open Notepad, then select File->Open, in the name box you type . and hit enter, not it will show all kind of files, search the file you just downloaded. Now you can edit.


Ahh, glorious 192kbps losslessness in all its majesty.


edit done.
double click opens player
with which app should open the file ?


mh. Somehow I think your Windows mixed up the assinged programs for .reg files.
open regedit (Windowskey+R) type regedit once again, in top left corner File - Import.
try that




@Marius_Hoppmann, @Konstantinos, great work. The new audio drivers changed the sound from unusable to OK but this new equalizer settings just changed it to really good. Only thing left is a small rattle at basses below 150 Hz.


I didn’t really find a song that was revealed the differences of these profiles very good, I chose Eve 2, but I think it was a pretty close race with Eve 1. Kind of chose based on the look of the eq settings more then the sound between them.


How about this?


here are some songs I’m going to test with, if you want to use them
1, 2 for bass
3, 4 for mid, high, and vocal
6 for combination
5 for compression :face_vomiting:

Youtube playlist

even if you hate J-pop, spare some time for #3 & #6, they deserve respect


That was very revealing, I think I must switch to Eve 1 also based on this as there was less troubling resonances for the piano notes on Eve 1 compared to Eve 2.


I just got stuck listening to the soundtrack Wickedly suggested, so these must have to wait…


er… did it come out as forceful? I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean it that way. I mean, if you need some songs that have strong separation you can try those, but absolutely please don’t feel forced to!