How to get faster support



I’m filing this under ‘Development - What’s Next’ deliberately as this discusses a saleable product.

Everyone has their own reason to be here… or has a current requirement from Eve:

  • They’re looking around to sus out Eve and their products or contribute with ideas
  • They wanna know when their device might be shipped etc.
  • They want to buy accessories
  • In my case… right now… what I want is fast support

Being of an impatient persuasion, having a pressing need/deadline etc and wanting to find a solution to a ‘problem’ I’ve been thinking if there’s a way I can get faster support from Eve.

I noticed yesterday (while purchasing a competitors product) that the manufacturer (Lenovo) offer ‘Expedited Depot Warranty’ as a product that one can buy. Along similar lines, have Eve considered offering ‘Expedited Support Ticket Handling’?
Maybe something like $50/yr and they give a 4-hour response re ticket handling. Right now in particular, given the alternative (which is much slower than their targets), this is something that I would ‘purchase’… and I’d use my $50 voucher (as discussed on the vid yesterday) to do so.


If they can’t handle the “free support”, how would they handle a priority support?

Hire more people? Well that hasn’t really helped to date so…


I like the idea of thinking and brainstorming about faster support here… even if the “pay-option” is maybe not perfect we should collect and discuss ideas to help eve…


I noticed that telling your credit card company on them is a great way to get support’s attention. After waiting 3 months, I had an immediate response! It was great!