How to get 4k resolution on YouTube when hooking spectrum up to iPad Pro

Hi, I don’t know if this has already been answered so apologies if so but when I’m watching YouTube on spectrum I can’t specify 4k resolution on videos which I know support it. Any ideas? Also the screen turned pink and green when switching between ps5 and iPad Pro. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Inability to choose 4K on a YouTube video is going to come down to the app or the iPad not allowing or supporting it. What version of iOS is installed on the iPad? Apparently, there was an update not too long ago that enabled the feature on Apple devices across the board.

Thanks for the reply but it worked on my previous monitor without a problem. I had an option to select quality then advanced (I think) and that allowed me pick 4k resolution. I’m on iOS 15.2 btw. Even the text writing this looks blurry in comparison to the previous monitor. I haven’t done anything to the monitor since I took it out of the box so everything is as it left the factory. Hopefully someone knows what I need to do.

I’m having a similar issue with playing 4K YouTube videos from my 2018 iPad Pro using the USB-C connection on the Eve 4K monitor. I am subscribed to YouTube Premium, using a high-speed 10Gbps / 4K@60Hz USB 3.1 Gen 2 cable, and have the latest versions of iPad OS (15.2) and YouTube (16.46.5). I am able to select and play a native 4K (2160p) video on my iPad itself, but then when I connect it to the monitor, it seems kind of blurry and down-scaled to 1080P on my monitor. Specifically, it does not appear to be as crisp as the video on my iPad. Not to mention, there are thick black bars around the video on my monitor, especially on the right and left sides, but I guess that could be due to the aspect ratio on my iPad. Any suggestions?

I’ve seen a number of articles talking about YouTube on the iPad Pro not officially supporting 4K depending on the model and the iPadOS version. Please check for updates to YouTube in the app store and to the iPad itself. Also check online to see if your version of iPad Pro supports 4K YouTube on external displays. Other than that, I think I need someone else to make a suggestion.

@TechGuy72 Black bars are usually just letterboxing to make the 4:3 iPad fit a 16:9 display. Making it fit might also blur the image as it gets either stretched or compressed by the iPad to fit the adjusted resolution and screen size.

Hi @Red,

YouTube simply mirrors the iPad image (letterboxed) with a 4K 60Hz output. This means that YouTube is not built to take advantage of an external display on iPad by itself.

If the iPad can output 4K from YouTube, then Spectrum will perform. For the iPad Pros that’ll depend on the capabilities of its USB-C port, for the regular iPads that’ll depend on whatever adapter converts Apple’s Lightning port to whichever input is used on Spectrum.