How to find shipping estimation for my order?



I still have no estimate on my order.
I contacted the support without convincing results for the moment.
I even felt like an idiot …


Don’t worry, support team will surely get back to you but you have to give them time to read messages. I am pretty sure they have a lot of messages to get through everyday.


Shipping Estimator may not appear in all browsers

I realise no one has been here for a week but just for the record …

I couldn’t see my shipping estimate at first, then they fixed something and it turned up within about 24 hours.

  • I could see it in Safari on my iPhone.
  • I could see it on my PC using Edge.

But I could not see it on my PC using IE.


Shipping estimator does still not work for me in either:

  • Chrome on PC
  • Firefox on PC
  • Edge on PC
  • Chrome on Android


same finding here no forecast date. and no support response. I therefore declared a paypal dispute.


I contacted support and got estimated shipping date

[Unofficial wiki] - maintained by boistordu - referencing of the case open/closed/status unknown for flash sale of december

I read your posts and could not make sense: so, did you contact support and asked your estimated shipping dates? ANd you did not get an answer from them?
The estimated dates do not show up for me but I got an answer from support, about 3 - 4 working days after I wrote them.

I would write a new support form most often, not reply to an email from support…


Yes I have already contacted the support several times (4 times since they put in place the estimate in place, which is more than 15 days).
So far the only answer I got was to identify on the right page (europe for me). What I had been doing for a long time …
Since no response (despite two relaunch and a second open ticket)
So I resolved to declare a paypal dispute, seeing the date of June 4 arrive, and having no further support response and no official statement here or in email.


Sorry to hear this, but totally understandable in your situation. :hugs:


Is the shipping estimator meant to give a Day for the estimate, a week , or more time, because currently mine shows just a month ?

i did not see the point of raising a support request if someone in the community can say they have the same thing,


It should be more specific like for me “4-16 june”.
Maybe for others it might be something like “end of june”. I guess this would mean between 16-30 june.


Thanks, mine currently says “July” i’m happy to wait hearing people having waited since December,


Ow I’m sorry, I assumed you ordered in December/January/February/March. I think it might be different for you since you weren’t included in the “schipping before June ultimatum”.


Half and Half, i ordered in April, when the delivery said April/May, then 5 days after ordering it was changed to June/July,

i have full support for EVE after reading the forums lately, and i think i am pretty lucky as i have buyer protection till October ( but that will only become useful if the absolute worst happens) and my feelings are that it will not come to that.


I ordered in May and the estimate for shipping was June, so naturally I was pretty happy as this didn’t seem so bad, considering others had been waiting since Dec. But Now its slipped to July - Is it likely to continue slipping month by month? Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? I ordered thinking June/July was a reasonable wait, and I like what EveTech is doing, but if this slip is a way to back door a 6-7month wait I’d rather refund and put the money into something else. Just wondering if anyone has heard anything or has any experiences that can shed some light.


Well the biggest problem, I believe, was fulfilling orders with a lack of funding. The idea is as they become more and more a legitimate company they’ll be able to keep popping V’s out. I ordered December 4th and am just now receiving assurance that I haven’t been forgotten about.

I’d stick it out for now if I was you. From what I’ve gathered the wait will have been worth it for me as almost nobody who has received their device was mad they waited.


Hope you’re right Raajn, it looks like its well worth the wait - just think Eve could out in front of some of these issues by being a little more proactive in terms of communicating with customers. It says on the website that signing up for the newsletter will keep people informed; I can’t find this newsletter anywhere.


@alex.bushev not here that you should post it, when did you ordered? send me a private message


@DocWalken when did you ordered? send me a private message


@Cedric_Petitcuenot when did you ordered? send me a private message