How to find shipping estimation for my order?



Thanks, mine currently says “July” i’m happy to wait hearing people having waited since December,


Ow I’m sorry, I assumed you ordered in December/January/February/March. I think it might be different for you since you weren’t included in the “schipping before June ultimatum”.


Half and Half, i ordered in April, when the delivery said April/May, then 5 days after ordering it was changed to June/July,

i have full support for EVE after reading the forums lately, and i think i am pretty lucky as i have buyer protection till October ( but that will only become useful if the absolute worst happens) and my feelings are that it will not come to that.


I ordered in May and the estimate for shipping was June, so naturally I was pretty happy as this didn’t seem so bad, considering others had been waiting since Dec. But Now its slipped to July - Is it likely to continue slipping month by month? Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? I ordered thinking June/July was a reasonable wait, and I like what EveTech is doing, but if this slip is a way to back door a 6-7month wait I’d rather refund and put the money into something else. Just wondering if anyone has heard anything or has any experiences that can shed some light.


Well the biggest problem, I believe, was fulfilling orders with a lack of funding. The idea is as they become more and more a legitimate company they’ll be able to keep popping V’s out. I ordered December 4th and am just now receiving assurance that I haven’t been forgotten about.

I’d stick it out for now if I was you. From what I’ve gathered the wait will have been worth it for me as almost nobody who has received their device was mad they waited.


Hope you’re right Raajn, it looks like its well worth the wait - just think Eve could out in front of some of these issues by being a little more proactive in terms of communicating with customers. It says on the website that signing up for the newsletter will keep people informed; I can’t find this newsletter anywhere.


@alex.bushev not here that you should post it, when did you ordered? send me a private message


@DocWalken when did you ordered? send me a private message


@Cedric_Petitcuenot when did you ordered? send me a private message


Good luck… Those who ordered last December are still waiting… we were told to wait till end of August when the original estimation was like… January/February… and refunds won’t come till September… I really had hoped that people will look into the forum before they purchase from Eve… the credibility of this company is questionable so file a complaint with CC company and tell them the madness of this delay


If you paid by Paypal go through them to get your money back. If credit card have them initiate a charge back. Eve is taking in money but not shipping product.


Will CC company give me the charge back option when I’m 8 months into this messy situation?


Worth contacting them. You have nothing to lose. They may want to open a fraud investigation.


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Hey guys, I’m a Hyper Early Bird and I’ve lost the e-mail with the invoice, the order number etc. There was a web portal or something, where we were able to edit our shipping details - does anybody remember this site? I didn’t bookmark it.


In the eve v official website - then you see a little stick right beside the shopping bag, click it, log into your account and go for it


Thank you very much, but I’m a HEB and we ordered the devices through backerkit, there was no webshop at all. BackerKit do not remember my credentials or me either, so I still don’t know how to get the invoice ^^ I’ll try it with my passport and the individual number of the backside of my eve.