How to find shipping estimation for my order?



If your order hasn’t been shipped yet, you can go to your account page to check the shipping estimation


  1. On, click the account icon on the top right corner (remember to choose the correct region), and input your credentials to login
  2. in your account page, click Orders, and choose the order you want to check
  3. You should be able to find the shipping estimation on the page bottom.

Update 11.05, shipping estimator, Windows 10 update

And what about the people that don’t have any estimation message showing on the order page?


Sorry but there isnt the text “Estimated Shipping:…” under the “edit” button comes the therms etc.


@Xinjie, please have a look at this:

Upon closer inspection: I’m getting the same authentication error when I try to edit my shipping address:

Request was not processed. Token was not found on customer tags.

I feel like that might’ve already been broken before but I never really noticed/read into it (had no reason to) :thinking:


I’ve even try to change my adress and after non function I’ve contacted support and they do it for me.


Yeah, seems to be the same issue. So I would wager it’s not an estimator-specific problem.


the whole process seems faulty. In which company do you not get assesoires without the expensive laptop?


@Xinjie there seems to be a problem
input id=“customerToken” type=“hidden” name=“tokenKey” value=" "


Not working for me also


I just made a support ticket for this issue as well.


Further FYI, if you click on “edit” for the address, there is a failure message. Further inspection suggests this might not be related to the shipping estimate, but probably also worth looking at.


Literally what I said here xD

edit: scratch that, your error is slightly different from mine (“data” missing). There’s definitely something wrong there.


No worries, I think the error I spotted is to with the address rather than the shipping estimate. I posted it here as I found it while looking into the shipping error and it appears in about the same place on the same page, so could confuse people.


I know, that’s what I meant :stuck_out_tongue:


a lot of blablabla in this thread

===>> What do we do when we have no shipping estimate showing?
Is there a possibility they fix it globally?

I think there is no use flooding support… they don’t have the time to help every single one…


Reading failure… Completely missed that :flushed:


You don’t do anything. There’s nothing anyone can do.
EVE has to fix the authentication issue on the site. It’s that simple.

As for the “blablabla”: Gathering this kind of information from actual users can be very beneficial, not to say crucial, in pinpointing and reproducing the bug. (And I’m putting my developer’s cap on when I say that :slight_smile: )

:joy: no worries man. Fridays, am I right?


After waiting for 13 month (HEB indiegogo buyer) I can tell you that all updates, shipping news or estimators are not worth to get some attention. it wont change the time you get your device. its just information to calm down the masses. and this is what everybody should do… no support ticket will help you to get your device sooner. you just get it when its assembled and shipped.


Is anyone that is not in the European region able to see the shipping estimator? I have selected every region and the only one that does not default to international is Europe.

The other thing I noticed is when you click edit nothing is populated in the fields, as Fawlters image shows. It looks like the calls are trying to pull the shipping details from the change information and not the existing information. There may be more to it than that, I haven’t looked real closely at it.


I am from Morocco.
Order #1551 (4th Dec.).
No shipping estimate available for me (yet ?).

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