How to carry a V and not scratch the glass?

The subject says it all. Imagine I throw my V into a briefcase - whats the best way not risk scratches on the screen?


  • Back of keyboard to screen?
  • Just fold it on the pogo pins it will be fine?
  • Ensure that the V screen just faces the inside of the bag? (Keyboard somewhere else)
  • Bubble wrap the whole thing?


It’s perfectly fine to leave the keyboard attached while carrying, it was designed for that. As long as you don’t beat it against a table it should be fine.


None of the materials on the keyboard should be able scratch it. The most common thing that might scratch it is sand (knives and keys won’t scratch it), so just make sure you keep your briefcase clean.

I have a Surface 3 and a Lenovo Miix 700, neither of which have screen protectors on them and both of which have travelled with me in my briefcase all over the world.

The screens on these things do not scratch easily. You should have no problems closing it keyboard to screen and keeping it in your briefcase.

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Anyone tried V pen clip vs V back yet? that looks like it’d be gnarly as hell.

Update The anti-reflective coating is wearing out in places, thanks to the keyboard. This device is rapidly approaching lemon status.

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I purchased a very thin mouse pad/key board cover.

Even though I put the flex glass protector on my screen.
The pad keeps smudges off the screen and would also protect from the anti glare coating issues if I did not already have the glass laid on top of the screen.

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There are other complaints like yours. It’s not your fault. It is crap design that let’s the keyboard rub against the screen. Suggest you put something soft between the screen and keyboard to prevent further damage…like bubble wrap or felt or thin foam.

I’m using for screen protection a microfiber cloth … bubble wrap would be too thick.

@SoundMix @LSASr and @Lukas_Fikr thanks to all, I may buy the mouse pad, microfiber cloth.

I’m not hugely upset with EVE on this mainly because I mostly don’t use it much any more.

As you said, a piece of microfiber cloth does the glass protecting job.
I may add that the same piece is very good at cleaning the keyboard toodefault_cheer

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Bubble wrap comes in MANY styles. Mine is 1/8" thick…meant for small delicate objects.

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OK - I still prefer microfiber.

Yes… and I prefer the cushion of the bubble wrap. We are both happy.

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No, Lucas is happier than you: bubble wrap does not clean your keyboard, his microfiber cloth does. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :joy:

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But, bubble wrap is making great noise when pressed …, plus can stick to screen or keyboard …

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I’m using a bubble wrap sac as a protecting case for the V and the microfiber cloth between the screen and the keyboard + cleaning the keyboard.
So the real winner is:
ME :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :open_mouth:


why not just use the screen protector that comes with the eve?

My came as filthy crap … bended, dusty … that plastic make screen worse, plus someone wrote on this forum, that after removal - screen coming was damaged.

oh lucky I didn’t stick that protector on!