How to cancel the order



First of all, I’m glad to see Eve was start working.

But,I believe have some people like me that chosen a new device

I already bought surfacebook2 and I don’t need V

I’ve contacted the credit card center and they are processing it, I was very worried that during the process, V was delivered.

so I want to know,how I can tell Eve not to deliver it to me,I tried the email but did not reply

I just want to know, there is no malicious

(Because I really don’t need V, so you don’t have to persuade me to accept it)


I tried to get that answer too. No reply. I guess they are going to ship it anyway. Unless they pay shipping back, it aint going back.


I don’t think you pay for shipping back, but that might differ from country to country.


What if we refuse to accept delivery, surely the courier has to return to shipper?

I don’t want to pay for or be responsible for shipping a device back that was 7 months late and I don’t want now.

According to e-mail I received from Eve a few months ago… “Once your V arrives, you are of course entitled to return the device within 14 days.” That also puts a bit of pressure on getting it returned in time, so it’s likely to be expensive shipping to ensure you get it back to the international destination safely within 14 days.


You need to inform EVE within the first 14 days from the date you receive it. The device doesn’t have to be returned inside the 14 days window.

As long as you inform EVE that you want to return it within the 14 days you are ok. After you have informed EVE it doesn’t really matter how long the actual returning will last (it will take few days for you to even get the shipping stuff from EVE etc)


Then will 100% of the money u gave them be refunded ?


That’s the law :slight_smile:


Are you sure this applies in Hong Kong too?


Maybe. Call @konstantinos during work hours?


The first 14 days after you’ve received it. No matter where in the world you are.

I’m unsure about the exact amount, you’d have to ask that from our support. :slight_smile:


I don’t live in Hong Kong, but I have to receive the goods in Hong Kong. It’s not easy for me to go to Hong Kong.

Can I apply for cancellation of delivery?

Because I also need to pay the return postage. Is it okay to freeze my order directly?

Or I now change the order address to Eve’s Support department


What’s the point of making you wait for the shipping and then returning it? Why can’t customers just cancel their order directly?