How many of us has yet to receive our V's?



Quite self explanatory. Just want to know how many of us has yet to receive even any update on the status of the V’s shipping (yeah I’m still not giving up hope). I pre-ordered mine during the December 2017 flash sale, and 10 months later… still no V. But I couldn’t be the only one still waiting on it right? (unless it was canceled and I didn’t know of it). So just as a sanity check, I want to know how many of us hasn’t got theirs up till today.


This list is neither by far complete nor fully up to date but should give you a bit of an overview on the situation.


There have been some estimation trials in the past, but, only being based on those who answered, without knowing who did not, they did not allow for much grip on their reality-significance.


I am part of the horde that ordered during last year’s Dec flash sale. Still patiently waiting for the tablet… admittedly I am almost at the tail end of my patience if I do not receive it by this freaking year.


#metooV (if that is not inappropriate)




Like it! #Vtoo.

And what shall we say when we get it?




Love it! If you are ever in the North of UK I’ll buy you a beer.


Dec 4 FS Buyer en still waiting, but hope is there…


My shipping estimator has been updated to “October”. So now it reflects reality … hopefully.


At least you have a shopping estimator man…


Have you written your support ticket yet?


also forced to wait - placed order in March


I place an order in March and I’m still waiting for my V as well.

I’ve already bought devices to replace what I needed the V for.


I ordered my eve during the flash sale in december and recieved it somewhere around july. gl that you get your’s soon!


you don’t???


Nope. No reply etc. I’ve never saw it