How is the pen mounted to the V? (if at all)



Hello everyone, I was wondering if there is some way to mount the pen that comes with the v like you can on the surface (magnetically snap on the side). I can’t seem to find an answer to that and on all the pictures its just lying there beside the v, which got me concerned, this would be a total deal breaker for me, I don’t wann lose it or carry it around in some extra bag like the iPad pro…

Hoping to get an answer here :yum:


Magnetic, just as the surface one. Maybe someone can find that gif?


It’ll grip but also consider the lovely V cases which can safely provide a home for your pen!


I’ve got it…


okay cool, does it work on just on one side or both sides? because it does obstruct all ports :grimacing:
Also is the grip as secure as the surface one (that is like it’s glued on).


I always wanted to ask for a test of that. Are the magnet really strong enough to hold the pen even when soneone is shaking the V?


I think they improved the magnets after some prototype rounds and it should be as strong as the sp4 magnet. It should manage to stand some shaking. I think the pic is from testing and improving the magnet phase. Correct me if I’m wrong.


Yup, that video was shot whilst testing better magnets. The first round, the pen did not stay in place properly. I’m sure we’ll find out how well the pen stays in place once the first Vs arrive to their new homes.

It only magnetically clips to the right side of the device, not the left. It does get in the way of that one USB-A port, but the other USB-A port and both USB-C ports are on the other side of the device so those remain free for use!


Ah okay, I thought the ports are on the right side but that’s good to hear! :slight_smile:
Is there any newer video showing of the strenght of the magnets? I think it’s a pretty essential and important thing to know for potention customers.
@Konstantinos any way of getting a short video of the pen mounting mechanism out there for us to see? :yum:


There surely will be a plenty of videos soon (after reviewed and HEB backers made them)…


The magnetic strength of pen is not that strong, according to what I tested last time… not sure if the team revised that or not. :slightly_smiling_face:


Even a handheld video from a smartphone will do, it’s just that this is a make or break feature to me, a loose pen is an absolute no go for me, gonna lose that in no time, so before I (hopefully get to) buy during the upcoming flash sale I’d really like to know what I’m getting :grimacing:


You will know till 4th of December!!!


Some compromises need to be made. V’s side hasn’t been made to be permanent repository-space for the pen, but it is handy to sometimes have it there…


I propose to also order a V sleeve. There’s afaik a special place to hold the V Pen!!!


Both the magnetic and the zippered sleeve have a spot to put the pen.

If recall, the strength of the magnets for holding the pen are such that you can comfortably carry it with the pen in place or put the pen away for a moment to free your hand. Not for semi-permanent storage. If it rubs against something, it’s likely to come loose. I believe the pen does also have a pen clip, so you could store it in non-magnetic places like pockets and clipboards.


Hey @xDrako to answer your question straight away, I don’t think it is going to be that strong. It seems like you are after a very strong magnetic pen docking mechanism?

May I inquire what is the use case? Surely it is not shaking the V :smiley:?


The use case will be something like a student who needs to change the room a couple of times and running stairs up and down while carrying the V.


The magnets on the Surface Pro 4 are strong enough that unless I knock the pen off, I can be confident that it will stay in place. If I’m constantly taking my computer from room to room, there’s no point in putting it in a bag, and it would be nice to have the confidence that I will not lose the pen while walking (or even running) around.


Well it seems that the V will not support that use case, unfortunately. :cry:

…when I shook the machine slightly just to test the stickiness of the pen, it did fall off rather quickly.


And that is really sad and disappointing when I think about that the magnets for penholding are already improved…