How is the pen experience on the V?


I am interested in the pen experience. Is it a very slick/slippery experience? Or is it more like pencil on paper?
I never read something about it.
If I just missed it, please point me to the right link.

Thanks for the input.

About V pen and the new surface pen

Pen has 1024-pressure levels. It cannot give the same kind of experience as Surface-pen (for example) can, it is has a bit smaller latency and bigger pressure sensitivity than V-pen has. However, this doesn’t mean that V-pen is bad, not at all. It just isn’t as “perfect” as Surface-one is. There is a huge price-difference between these two as well. V-pen costs 30€, and Surface-pen is about 100€. So, I would say that the price-quality ration in V-pen is better than in Surface-pen. And of course, pen comes with V unlike Surface. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the input. I am more interested how big the friction is while writing. Is it zero to nothing? Hard plastic on glass? Or is the tip made of some kind of rubber.
I really dislike this feel of no friction while writing. Most devices I tried are like this :frowning:

Hope you will understand - I am not a native speaker :wink:


So, I suppose in real-use V-pen gives same writing experience as Surface-pen does, but in more advanced work (for example, graphical engineering) V-pen falls behind it.


Pen experience is quite good - especially after the latest driver update. The V pen on the V is more like a foil marker on glass. You have a bit of friction but it’s no paper-like experience. The pen tips are plastic and quite sturdy. Overall writing with the V pen is good, drawing is OKish.

As I prefer the felt on glass (= paper-like) experience with more friction, I switched to using the Surface Pen with the V, which is really great.


And of course, Surface-pen is compactible with the V.


This is the info I was looking for. Thanks.
I am not interested in more pressure levels ore tilt. Just the friction. Will the Surface pen before 2017 be any better - or is it the same “no friction feeling”?


Does anybody know if there is the chance of getting different tips (with more friction) for the V pen?
@Team, what do you think?

I ordered some spare tips - but I am sure they are all the same.



I was thinking on the same lines as you, as I’d also prefer the paper feeling.
I’ll give the V pen a shot for a few days and then maybe check out the surface pen.
A few days ago the latest surface pen here in Germany was available for 80 euro, so same price range as the Wacom bamboo.


Depends on the tips you use. There are extra pen tips for the Surface Pen and for the Surface Pen 2017 as well. I prefer the B-tip on the surface pen and the blue one on the New Surface Pen (2017).

There will be no different pen tips for the V pen for now as Eve would need to sell a few 10.000 of them only for the pen manufacturer to think about enabling this option. Easiest option to get a different Feeling is switching to a different pen. There is also the Bamboo Ink pen compatible with the V if you don’t like the Surface Pen feeling.


if the V pen is not good enough you can look into a Bamboo pen…sear
ch forum for that… there is some info… Bamboo comes with several different tips…


Has anyone been able to test the new surface pro pen with tilt detection on V?