How I get a working keyboard V1?

Hey @TannerPR,
The first Pictures from «Mar 11» is the 12.3 PRO+.
To be honest I use eve most time with the Brydge (altough I could also use the original [en] from @dibadibadu).
Of course it is heavier in weight due to this. But for me eve was primarily a tablet that I could use as a full laptop replacement (Win10).
With Brydge, it’s a true laptop replacement in terms of feel and typing experience.

For me it is better to work with. The keys have a good pressure points. I do not notice any delay due to the Bluetooth connection while blind typing.
The opening angle goes up to 180°. All in all it gives Eve a very high-quality touch. The hinge is not too light and not too rigid. it is super to transport with the keyboard as a holding point.

I sometimes forget that Eve is “just slid in”. That is perhaps the only drawback: It feels and looks (see picture above: From the front, the brackets for the mount are barely visible.) like it is screwed together, but it is only plugged in.
Therefore, it could suggest false security at some point in future and the tablet could slip out if I grab it the wrong way.

However, it does not do that by itself.
The connection is very tight without causing pressure points (no halos).
Both even fit together in the original Eve folding felt bag.

However, if you want something handy and light that you will mostly use as a tablet and only rarely as a laptop replacement, Brydge is probably not the best choice.

The combination of the two is the ideal solution for me.
For on the way the original from @dibadibadu for real work the Brydge.

Price performance is but the original price of the keyboard in relation to the Brydge an absolute no-brainer. The difference in quality is enormous.

Now I just must not also fall victim to the typical Eve-V glass break-syndrom… :wink: :upside_down_face:

enjoying your conversation… :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face:
(not only b/c I come from Freiburg, right half-way between @dibadibadu and @mad99 :rofl:-living now in the USA) I have an old V and sold my keyboard as soon as I could (I did not want it, and the old V was sold in a bundle only); anyway:
===> my old V works still perfect… no broken screen… hope it stays that way… though I ordered a 2021-one, also… I will have to use the old one as a backup as the new one’s battery seems to be sooooo weak… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

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Hey @mad99 thanks for the great writeup! As it stood I already had access to a smaller wireless bluetooth keyboard. It feels quite terrible & has no trackpad. But I’m not willing to spend any more to get it repaired.

For fun I’m sharing the new break I just got on the top-right side of the tablet. I put it inside a “laptop pocket” of a new backback that didn’t have any padding/support in it’s bottom. A pretty gentle thump on the pavement through the backpack did that.

Some other fun mods:
Razor blade to remove some of the rubber so pwr cable fits better.
Screen protector to hold broken glass in place.

Am on a personal mission to make this thing last as long as possible. Even with the keyboard long-gone.


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