How can we improve

I feel that the community should become the prime product of Eve, there for use marketing to get more people here and try to promote user incentives.

However, I also feel that in order for the community to grow Eve needs to have shown it can successfully build products and ship them within a reasonable time-span and not keep being reminded of troubles of the past, especially if those troubles are still present. That’s why I’d recommend fixing those problems before doing anything major with the community.

Getting ideas is never bad though.


As the ‘still present troubles of the past’ are the result of a paralysing lack of funds to solve them in a reasonable time frame, the only way (correct me if wrong) is starting developing new products to generate the very cash flow needed in order to be able to solve those problems.
However, those confronted by these diffilculties may feel more and more abandoned when seeing all the attention and all the energy invested in those new projects.
It looks as a ‘circular’ problem . . . :no_mouth: .


That’s why I’m saying to not focus on growing the community actively right now. Solve the issues and then actively grow the community. Not halt it in any way, just don’t put much energy into growth.


It is totally reasonable to focus on new projects and moving things forward.
It is not like that a Company can only focus on one topic at a time.Usually there are multiple streams in parallel which are ongoing.

Although I agree with AML: Don’t make the ones feel abandoned which enabled you to get into the spot where you are right now in the first place.

As I mentioned in another thread it would be really helpful for those which didn’t receive their Eve yet (myself included) to be more transparent about the status of the unfullfilled orders and refunds.

If you just decide to ignore them and continue pushing forward the development of new projects I suppose the community isn’t going anywhere as there will always be posts complaining about their unfullfiled orders/refunds just as they are in this thread.

That will definitly backfire on Eve, because from the outside it’ll kinda look like a toxic community. And that appeals to basically no one.

Best regards


I fully understand. I can’t give more info on this than us doing best to handle any of the outstanding issues like
and your case as soon as possible. For us as we mentioned in the previous update after having all of the issues with frozen funds and vendors it’s critical to get going forward with new projects to get additional investment to handle the cases faster. The current arrangement we have with our investors is based on milestones. One thing we can do here is being honest and that’s our situation now. We are doing the best we can and for sure want all of this handled as soon as only possible! Support is giving the best answer available right now.


This would also have been my inquiry, clean up the issues with the V and look ahead of things on the other projects so that no unpopular problems suddenly have to be communicated .

From the looks of it, it seems as though you are responding to a message from a disgruntled customer whose email expressing his problem has been erased.

Kudos to you for answering his query.

Kind of a bad look for a message thread about improving that customers with bonafide concerns are having their messages erased.

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i totally agree, i am in a slightly different situation, but i would still think, there should also be focus on working on the backlog of orders

i now sometimes get mails/ offers for a eve v that will ship within a couple of days…

while i have been waiting 1 year

i very much like the concept, but please also remember the backers


I’d love to get everyone’s refunds paid so we can move on without having to worry about disgruntled customers.


Fully agree here. Trying to do best to get it sorted ASAP but we do need to move forward as a company to be able to do that. But we are on track now!


So in other words, you have to release a new product before you have the funds to fulfill the outstanding orders?


Can you share what milestones shipping and/or refunds are tied to, so that maybe we can actually care about any of this new development?


I think it’s a little more nuanced than that.

I could have misinterpreted it but I think that refunds rely on sales of existing stock but that building of new stock relies on investment, which is, in turn, driven at least in part by Eve demonstrably moving forward with new developments.

All of which is, I believe, part of the conditions the investor has set.


I think a mobile app for iPhone and Android would be great for community

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Just sear ch for “Discourse” on your favourite app store: That’s the official app for every discourse forum.

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Yeah but they could build it with all different kinda a function such as like a section for news

IMO this is a waste of eve’s time and money. (making 1 android and 1 ios app, just because)


This is not a bad idea if implemented differently:

  • make a “News” category (or “Newsletter”?)
    • it has the same content as the mails, same links to the posts, etc. (literally same content)
    • only staff can post, no user comments
    • add the blog styling for extra points
  • add a button which takes us straight to that category:
  • hide old news after a while (3 weeks, idk); maybe even show only a single post (latest mail), and the button would take us straight there

This also has the bonus that it would look good on mobile with minimum effort.

There are plugins for implementing all the above on CDCK meta (@nawthor knows which meta :stuck_out_tongue: )

ermmmmm, idk what else…


Dear Sir

Will you give any solution for those that are still waiting the refund?

Will you provide a clear explanation and not these vain words like we have to move forgard…?

Please give an exact date for the refund?

I made my order in Septiembre 2017 and I have only receive excuses and nothing clear from you and your team.

Even more, every dsy i more convinced thst all tjis project is a fake, and now you are doing it again with new fske products. I really thing thst those who order your donald duck, your headphones or your miniPC will lose their money.

Be honest and make effective your commitments to provide the refunds.




Probably possible after they successfully launched one or two of the projects. (I’m waiting too, annoying af as a student)

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