How can Indiegogo page be improved?


Hey guys!

It would be great to hear your thoughts on the Indiegogo page. Does everything make sense? Are perks clear? IS there anything you would improve in its structure or offering?
Here is the link to page just in case:


Maybe you could include some footage with a real, working prototype? That way you would earn trust from a lot of potential buyers :slight_smile:


Oh by the way, the reservation perks cost $$$ and “early” reservation cost $$$ + shipping. Is that intentional? Or did you forget the include shipping in the non-early/regular reservation perks? I see that some people are selecting them, probably because they think it’s cheaper?


Links to the community and the FAQ maybe?


I’d second what was stated earlier, i think you could earn a lot more people by showing the actual working prototype. Doing this would allow people to see the actual product they’re getting.


@Konstantinos I would suggest making a FAQ thread in the community and disable comments in the actual thread, then link it to the IGG. That way the thread will not become overwhelming. The FAQ thread could be a sticky on top and updated by moderators based on the recent community discussions and answers.


I got one of the first batch, and back then it was quite simple to differentiate. I got confused when quantities shifted and thought I might not have clicked the best offer until reading through the details & updates.

Right now, the perks seem double to me, seeing e.g. “Eve V Core m3 Reservation” and “Reserve Eve V m3 Limited Bird”. Content seems to be the same (except for the VPen which is only included in the latter one). On the other hand, the second one seems to be slightly more expensive as the first one has $699 in the text, the second one shows “below at the price of $708” and shipping is listed separately in the header. Both are available April, so I believe it is the same batch?
The same applies for the other two versions.

I like that a lot of information is available (pretty much the same as on eve-tech, but you don’t have to go to the other page). I agree with previous posts that an actually working model introduced in a brief video would be great and support the story. It might have also been good to include more links to the community (for cross-referencing certain topics and questions).

Overall: great job! Especially the quick turnaround on questions raised at indiegogo, that was phenomenal!


There are currently two types of perks in play: to reserve a device and to buy the perk outright. It’s the same batch but you can buy the Eve V in those two different schemes. That’s why you see the price difference - if one you make a down payment to reserve your device, in the other you actually pay for it now.

In essence, you’ll be paying the same amount since, if you make a reservation, you have till the end of December to pay the full amount :wink:


If you wish to keep show multiple perks on top or under the included item just state a message saying "If you have previously bough a perk example “Reserve Eve V i7” your perk automatically has upgraded to “Reserve Eve V i7 Limited Edition” all item included under Limited Edition i7 will be shipped to you.

Many buyer will get confused since Indiegogo has Reserve Eve V i7 & Reserve Eve V i7 Limited Edition on the page.
Previous buyer will feel more comfortable when they see message saying that their previously bought perk has been upgraded to the newer and better perk offered by EVE. an image like this would be comforting


There are a few typos and misuses of English on the IGG page. None are massive, but English speakers will certainly pick up on them. I’m happy to read through and give you some corrections if you would like.


Amazing stuff guys! Changes implemented. We will get proto video asap too. Most of prototypes are @Intel and @Microsoft now going through testing!


Very little things (ans sory for bad English) :
1/ in audio section “HYPERLINK TO COMMUNITY: See why community chose this spec” There’s not… hyperlink
2/ in Vpen section “Accompanied with with the modern day cloud…” : double “with”