How and When can you upgrade your V to 1TB SSD and get some V-shirts?



Hello Eve Family!

Firstly some amazing news!:confetti_ball::tada::tanabata_tree:

We have finally received displays from Sharp needed for production this Saturday. Our schedule is unchanged and we will be shipping Hyper Early Birds and Early Birds in the end of October and Limited Birds in the end of November. You can read more detailed update here: The update 2.10

You are everything we have got. :heart: It is impossible to quantify just how much your support has meant to us in the past months.

And it is our pleasure to let you know,





Samsung 1TB SM961 SSD upgrade for V m3/ i5/ i7

Below is the upgrade cost for different V versions:

  • Upgrade from V m3 version - 499USD/ 419EUR
  • Upgrade from V i5 version - 429USD/ 359EUR
  • Upgrade from V i7 version - 329USD/ 279EUR

We stay true to our no-middleman vision and keep our upgrade costs as low as possible!

For example to upgrade new Surface Pro from 512GB version to 1TB version you would pay: 500USD/ 650EUR (depending on your market)

Here’s the 1TB SSD performance as tested on the V:

Power consumption is around 5% better on this SSD comparing to the Intel 600p. We will need to do more tests to measure exact power consumption.

Previous discussion on the SSD here:
and here:


(Check here what that means to your time:


We will post a new update with the direct link once the store is live.

HOW LONG? :thinking:

The webstore closes the sales of the 1TB upgrades and T-shirts on MONDAY THE 9TH OF OCTOBER 1 P.M. EEST.

WHY? :face_with_monocle:

We exist to give you great affordable tech. The 1TB option has been a hot topic for some time, and now we have managed to ensure its availability, and that it fits the V
= Finally we can offer it to you!

Also the T-shirts have been something that we get contacts about all the time. So now you have the option to express your support, and join the V revolution in a more concrete way! These are great shirts for you great people! Getting one WILL HELP EVE.

THE CARROT::carrot:
The T-Shirts are printed in the U.S. We will ship the T-Shirts from Asia, using the same fulfillment partner and service as the V uses. In short, the shipment of these T-Shirts pave the way for smooth V deliveries!

Bit of details, to get you prepared:

  • 1TB SSD upgrades are obviously available only to current orders (available for m3, i5 and i7 models)
  • You can make the payment by card, transactions are handled via Stripe (already used safely in Backerkit). We hope to offer more options in the near future!
  • Upgrading to 1TB may have effect on the delivery of your V order (see below)
  • While the 1TB upgrade is available to all the backers, the T-shirts are only feasible to be shipped to EU, USA, Norway, Canada, Switzerland, Australia and Hong Kong. As we grow we will expand this global!


  • We have been promised by the 1TB supplier that a timely delivery of the components will take place. However, in order to keep everything safe, transparent and simple, the V computers which are upgraded to 1TB will be shipped in the second batch (estimate late November/early December), or in an unforeseen force majeure scenario, causing delay on the components’ arrival, as quick as possible after that
  • Refunds are available for these items only before the sales period ends (Monday 9.10. 1 P.M. EEST), since we will place the orders for the exact amounts and units right after the sales end.
  • As the T-shirts are produced individually based on the selected size and print, no returns are possible for the T-shirt orders. The shirts are high quality print, and you can see them for example here on the live stream:
    Or here in the NYC community meetup: Meet up in New York City!? Thursday 23rd March
    BUT because of option of no-return, make sure that you select the correct size (sizing guide will be provided), and you want this type of shirt :slight_smile: Then get it!

The update 2.10
Update 11.01 on production, CES, Seattle meetup
SSD Sales Have Ended! Thank you for participating!

First of all…AWESOME!


Does this mean if I order a t-shirt in the US that it will be made here, then shipped to Asia, then back here?


Just out of curiosity, does the fact that this is a 5 day window confirm that the 1TB option will only be available to backers and not generally when web store sales begin? I’m fine with this if that’s the case just curious in case someone asks me.


First of all



Yes absolutely right. This is for us to test logistics of the V


Yes exactly. We will probably have 1tb option for i7 model but not for any other models.


Interesting, so the attraction for backers with i5 and m3 models is the one off chance to get a limited edition machine! Worth the upgrade price alone!


I think that I will take a T-shirt :drooling_face: for support EVE. That update is unbelievably awesome.
We are close to have finally our V, so excited. Can’t wait those two final month, V is indeed Victory .
The upgrade for 1TB SSD with an I7 is way cheaper than the surface pro that is amazing deal.


Finally all things come together. Still thinking about upgrading, but am pretty sure that I will, even if delivery takes another month.

279 € is still a steal compared to other companies. Even comparing this to microSDXC makes it a very good price as 400 GB would cost over 240€, albeit being much much slower, not as reliable and may even result in higher power consumption.

Thanks a lot for making these prices possible. The number one reason why I don’t own a surface is that their prices for 16GB ram and >=512GB ssd are ridiculous.


Wow, this is very exciting news :smiley: , thx a lot!

As being a i7 hyper early bird from Switzerland, I wonder…

  1. if the Upgrade of the SSD does affect taxes in any way and if yes, how it will be handled.
  2. if I lose my HEB status due to the SSD Upgrade (I really want that special engraving as a proud owner of one of the first V’s).
  3. if the final engraving is already defined and if it’s a surprise or soon will be unveiled.

Thank you very much for your feedback and your great effort :slightly_smiling_face: .


You are welcome!

  1. Taxes are in the upgrade price so you don’t have to pay extra!
  2. You will not loose the engraving
  3. You will know soon!


How do i find out if im a early bird hyperbird or whatever and what order number i am? Wanna know what batch I’m in. Tge Indiegogo app doesn’t show this… or i don’t see it.



First of all, thanks for lowering the upgrade price :wink:

I don’t get why it was so far not possible to test the SM961 battery consumption within the V, and thus I even must consider that the SSD was not thoroughly tested so far. As @Xinjie mentioned here, this might be tested by Emdoor next week - but the webshop closes at Monday then. So we will not be able to know which battery (and heat and thus performance) implications the SM961 will have before ordering it.

So there is not even the chance of getting the 1TB devices earlier than the second batch even if the supplier can ship them earlier? Hmmmm, I wonder why we didn’t have this conversation some months earlier and enough time for testing and shipping the harddrives :frowning:

This is not the best decision base - I guess I have to sleep some nights over it.


Does this allow for some 2nd batch orders who do not upgrade to the 1TB SSD to be able to get pushed into the first batch as spaces become available?


@Konstantinos Can you enable :rage: Button :roll_eyes:

I am not getting the point, if want 1TB, I am being HEB, whatever the case, I will be punished to wait for 2 more months? Earlier, it was clear that we will have this along with the screen and get it shipped at the same time, and there wont be any delay, now this surprise?


Each time I see these news, I feel sorry for people like me who will buy from the Web Store :joy:


This means that V will be available for customers by end of December 2017 ? On the online store


Will taking this option affect the delivery dates for those of us that are limited birds rather than hyper-early?


Probably not. Hyper early bird will likely be delivered at the same time as limited birds and limited birds shouldn’t be impacted at all. However, there is still a small chance that sourcing the SSDs will take a bit longer so they might even be shipped slightly later than the limited birds.


The delays so far have really taken a toll and another 2 months seems like a lifetime. Definitely the 1T will extend the life of my V but then again how will the news of the Andromeda OS and release of mixed reality by MSF impact this technology? Have we moved into the next generation of computing tech?


Is the V SSD upgradable by ourselves if we wanted to do this instead?


In an earlier post it was mentioned that the V wouldn’t be able to take full advantage of the Samsung SSD read/write speeds on shipment but may be able to with firmware updates. What is the commitment by the Eve team to work this firmware update? I am curious to know if there will be dedicated work towards that end.


In theory yes. But it’s very hard to get the screen off and you’re quite likely to break it while doing so. It also isn’t covered by warranty so we wouldn’t recommend it.

This is not in the hands of Eve. Since the problem seems to stem from the chipset you’ll have to ask intel that question. Personally I don’t think this will happen quickly if at all. But the limited transfer speeds are super fast anyway and if you ask me already quite an overkill for this device anyway.