How about YouTube livesteam of the new V with Sharp screen?



That’s exactly why we will have a livestream :slight_smile: You can ask all kinds of questions during it !


Almost correct I’d say… :wink:
1500 in Germany translates to 0900 in EST (US East Coast) and hence to 0600 PST (US West Coast) - unless it is around the daylight savings time change where this logic is off by an hour for 1-2 weeks.


that would work for me (Germany) and I think also for the other countries those are pretty good times in relation to a world wide event


Just realized that I have no webcam, is it possible to join just watching and ask questions in chat?


I’m pretty sure you don’t need a webcam, as it’s not a skype chat or anything. There will be a chat box on youtube where you can interact with them.


Haha, somehow I got the impression that it would be one of those live streams where everybody could see everybody else (Long day -> brain-pulp). Yeah, sure, wouldn’t make sense with potentially thousends of Eve folks waving hands, live on YouTube…


Do you need to be signed in Youtube to use the chat box?


I believe you need to be signed in to chat.


Oh yeah, it’s EST and PST right now in the US! I’ll update the post above! :slight_smile:


Sounds like a wonderful idea! I would prefer Saturday, as I would have a better chance of being able to participate, and I’m sure many others in the community would agree.
It would allow for those of us who work Monday - Friday to participate.

And @Konstantinos thank you in advance for being open and willing to possibly have the discussion on a weekend.


Perhaps this update would make a good start to a new thread…


I think @iKirin said there should be an one liner update tomorrow (friday) but will see :slight_smile:


He predicted 101% :grimacing:


Is the time and date set for the livestream?


It would be on this Friday 21:00 (Hong Kong Time, UTC+8)


The only folks that won’t like the 21:00 HK Time are from Australia (23:00), New Zealand (01:00) and Hawaii (03:00)…


Unfortunately we can’t have it at a time that’s convenient for everyone :frowning:
We tried to go with the time that most people should have a chance to catch


I’m a new member of the community and was hoping someone could enlighten me on what channel to follow for the live stream :slight_smile: thanks!


Probably on konstantinos karatsevidis YT channel, look it up there are allready a Few Videos about the v.


I guess it’ll be on either the Eve Channel or Konstantinos Channel - we’ll provide the link to the channel a good chunk of time ahead :wink: