How about YouTube livesteam of the new V with Sharp screen?



Hey dudes!

Many of you have asked us to show more pictures of Sharp V. We thought it would be cool to make a Youtube livestream showing off V and answering any questions you might have!

Me, @Xinjie and @myien will join!

We are thinking to have a livestream from Hong Kong on next Friday or Saturday.

Little poll as always :slight_smile:

Will you join our livestream?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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Get your hands on Final V! Eve Community Meetup Hong Kong
LIVE NOW! 🔥 Eve YouTube livestream with Sharp V. How and when to watch!
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Please do so! :grinning:


Will for sure watch it afterwards :+1:


I’ll for sure be there and help moderate the stream/forward the questions to you! :smiley:


Not sure to be able to watch it live, but great idea ! =)


Yeah, would love to join but it depends on the time. It would be helpful if you could be a bit more specific than Friday or Saturday. :grinning:


Dare I say it… but Eve doesn’t have a great track record in estimating delivery timescales hahahaha

**oops is that the sound of my V “accidentally” being dropped off the production line!


If you’re in HK, I wanna see it in person… Hehehe…


One question. Will the “showing off V” suppose to be same as the final product to retail?


love the idea :smile: and I will be joining the Livestream.
Would be good to do it at a human time so I dont have to stay up till 3am. :slight_smile:


How about an update re. the status of your screen order at Sharp?


Maybe: it depends on the hour during which it will be.


We will get exact deli very schedule by next Thursday. Everything has been paid 100% in advance and we are daily pushing them to ship asap. We are very confident in Sharp. We are very excited to get the screens and ship!

I think it would be awesome to have a meetup in Hong Kong!

One liner update [01.09]

Pls take a time that is convenient for Europeans. Not like 4am.


Definitely. We were thinking around 9pm HK time so 4pm Helsinki time!


@J0NNYLINGO and @TheDestiny:

It’s pretty hard finding a time that’s convenient for all people - because as far as I know we’ve got quite a bunch of interesting timezones:

  • UTC +8:00 for Hong Kong itself.
  • UTC +1:00 - +3:00 for Europe
  • UTC -4:00 for the eastern US
  • UTC -7:00 for the western US

Finding a good time is pretty hard unfortunately, but we’ll try to figure something out :slight_smile:

Konstas times would translate to:

  • 21.00 UTC +8 (Hong Kong)
  • 14.00 UTC+1 (Great Britain)
  • 15.00 CEST/UTC+2 (Germany, Austria)
  • 16.00 EEST/UTC+3 (Helsinki)
  • 9.00 EST/UTC -4 (US east coast)
  • 6.00 PST/UTC -7 (US west coast)

Tiny Liner Mini Update [14.09]

So, uh,
We’re definitely receiving the screens by the end of this month BUT we won’t know when exactly until Thursday the 21st of this month, when there is just a week and a half left?



Great job with the time zone!


We will get reply latest by next Thursday. Maybe we will get it earlier. As we are having partial shipments so we will know schedule for them then!

One liner update [01.09]

Low trust = many questions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: