How about polishing the V even further? Introducing: V Software Improvements



Hi dear Eve Family!

Since the Hyper Early Birds are now finally receiving their devices and the first people already have their hands on the V, it’s time that we take the crowd-development of the V to the next level!

Because while the hardware is finished and can’t be changed, the software can be improved!
Thus we’re proudly introducing & opening the following category:

Now, here’s how we’ve planned to do things:

  1. You amazing people create topics about things you want to see improved in the V!
  2. Once it’s posted, you can vote on things you think would be cool & want to see!
  3. Every now & then we’ll pick popular improvements & have a good ol’ poll about the which things we should REALLY focus on. We might also pick ideas without a poll!

Well, that’s it!
Please be sure to check the category out & voice your opinion on how to make the V even better!

Community Digest 11.12
Community Digest 15.12

I guess this will become quite techie but I look forward to this thread. I am a firm believer in tweaking.


What about extending the battery durability/health?
Such as in the next up date there my be an option call battery marathon. When wnabled windows 10 will think the battery is fully charged but in reality it ia 85% charged and when the is 15% of real battery charge remaining the computer with shut off thinking the battery is completely dead. I thinks this may prolong the battery durability and health for a few years.


[X] Improve the battery life look here, put your vote and share your ideas :slight_smile:


Nothing yet, but that’s the nice thing about the category - you can create a topic for that if you want it to happen1 :slight_smile: