Horrendous blue burn-in and flickering at 60HZ

don’t returnn it before you get at least the shipping cost covered.

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Hi there,

I’ve got the same flickering on my ps5. Do anyone succed to solve it with a settings adjustement ?

@Fregestein Flickering is normally caused by your cable. Did you try a different hdmi cable?

Happens over USB-C and HDMI.

Definitely confirm free cross-ship. It’s really the only thing that would keep me satisfied as a customer at this point.

They’re refusing to send the replacement until I send the current one back. I’m currently weighing up whether I trust them enough.

I can kinda see why they’d want to inspect the monitor first. A bad person could quite easily defraud them:

  • They could give Eve the tracking number of something else that’s going to the same general location. (This won’t work if it says what size/weight the package is.)
  • They could send back a few rocks of the correct weight in the Spectrum box, rather than an actual Spectrum.
  • They could send back a Spectrum that they’ve clearly damaged themselves, effectively getting a free repair.

Bigger companies are able to eat the cost of someone defrauding them in this way. They also are in a better place to report issues to law enforcement and see them through.

However, I would be pushing hard for Eve to generate a shipping label and to pay the shipping cost for you. It shouldn’t be up to you to pay out of pocket and hope for a reimbursement.