[HONESTY] What is the best 2in1 laptop? TOP 10 voted by users


Hello dear community!

We’re making the ‘Pyramid Flipper’ a device that is not only shaped by our great community but will also hopefully be a dream in the hands of all people that will use this great device the community has created together with Eve!

And with announcement of other devices like the [Asus Transformer 2in1] (http://www.engadget.com/2016/05/30/asus-transformer-pc/) we think it’s important to get a view of the market - to see what ‘2in1 laptops’ are out there - or will be in the future - and to see what will be the go-to product for those devices!

I call them “Best 2in1 laptops” because the terminology used to describe such devices are as colorful as a rainbow! So just suggest what you think are the best products in the field of the 2in1s!


  1. “Pyramid Flipper” by Eve-Tech
  2. “Yoga 14” by Lenovo
  3. “Spectre X-360” by HP
  4. ?
  5. ?
  6. ?
  7. ?
  8. ?
  9. ?
  10. ?

And with the “Pyramid Flipper” being created by tech enthusiasts for tech enthusiasts it’s clear that I hope it should come out at the top! :slight_smile:
Pyramid Flipper is the refined version of all those devices we as the community have to deal with every day and will be #2-#10 or lower!

Some other tech-sites have their own lists as well - [Techradar] ( http://www.techradar.com/news/mobile-computing/laptops/best-2-in-1-laptops-top-5-hybrid-laptops-reviewed-1258451), [Laptopmag] (http://www.laptopmag.com/best-2-in-1s) or [CNet] (http://www.cnet.com/topics/laptops/best-laptops/touchscreen-hybrid-laptops/) - but usually they don’t factor in how much the device would cost a consumer to buy.

And we should not forget - techies wait for the PF! [Digitaltrends] (http://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/pyramid-flipper-2-in-1-design-complete/), [WindowsCentral] (http://www.windowscentral.com/eves-project-pyramid-flipper-tablet-will-pack-some-impressive-hardware) and [ZDNet] (http://www.zdnet.com/article/better-than-microsofts-surface-pro-heres-the-windows-10-2-in-1-being-built-on-public-opinion/) wait for the PF!

Also, please when you list those devices make a Pros & Cons if you can - this makes it easier for everyone tho quickly review your post! :slight_smile:




Suggestion: Pyramid Flipper! Because it’s the first crowd-developed device with the cutting edge specs at an affordable price-point :slight_smile:


  • Latest tech (Intel 7th Gen Core CPU, TB3, great display!)
  • Huge battery life
  • eGPU support
  • Pen Support
  • No useless features that were just shoehorned in.
  • <1000$ for the basic configuration that is actually useable ! :slight_smile:


  • Not available yet (but soon!)

And here is a template for everyone that wants to copy :wink:

Suggestion: Maybe a short summary why you want it? :slight_smile:





Suggestion: Lenovo Yoga 14/15 (don’t remember the exact name) - the most powerful 2in1 I could find :slight_smile: (back when I looked for one)


  • Powerful CPU (i7)
  • Pen support
  • Dedicated NVidia graphics card


  • Expensive
  • Big and heavy
  • Battery life :disappointed:


Suggestion: hp spectre x-360 with amoled

  • 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (2x2)
  • QHD amoled display
  • build quality


  • expensive
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Asus - 2-in-1 Q534UX - 15.6in laptop
Pros -
4k display + 10point touch screen
Nvidia 950m gpu
intel i7 7500U
16gb RAM
2TB + 512GB SSD
back-lit keyboard
Wireless AC


This laptop is monster!

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I hereby resurrect this thread in the name of the pyramid flipping Eve V.
Let the battle begin!



You’re saying as if there was worthy competition…

V for victory! :wink:

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Here’s a 2in1 I’ve been impressed by lately.

The Lenovo Yoga 720.

  • Thunderbolt 3
  • Massive 72Wh battery
  • Quad Core Kaby Lake CPU
  • GTX 1050 GPU
  • JBL Speakers (mostly just marketing though)
    1150$ for the i7 version with a 1080p display, 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD.
    Haven’t seen any reviews yet though, so I’m still skeptical on this one.


For a convertible (not a 2 in 1!!! :P) 2 cm of thickness and 2kgs of weight is just too much…



Thread’s name was 2in1 laptop, so I assumed that convertibles were included.
Well, a convertible that powerful must certainly be thick and heavy :stuck_out_tongue:
I’d still totally pick a V over this though.

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Tbh as a next device I’d like to do a Lenovo Yoga 720 15’’ killer :wink:



Interesting idea.
Add a couple of innovative features and we’ll be good to go.



Is that the 13" or the 15" version that you liked?
I came very impressed with hp spectre x360 both 13" and 15" versions - they had nice metal builds and long lasting battery. I tested the 13" a while back and the only real complaint that I had was the light colour keyboard which meant you had to run backlight all the time

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Only the 15" version comes with a 1050, so that’s the version I liked.



Define a 2 in 1 then.
Is it a tablet? Yes, when you flip the keyboard back.
Is it a laptop? Yes, when you use the keyboard normally.

Is Eve V a tablet? Yes, when you remove the keyboard.
Is Eve V a laptop? Yes, when you attach the keyboard.

Both are 2 in 1.



Let me clear that up:

Tablet: just that slab

2 in 1: Tablet part can detach from the keyboard

Convertible: Tablet part can’t detach from the keyboard (many have 360 hinges)

Laptop: You can’t open the hinge (at least) more than 180 degrees (most times like 120°?)



If you want, read this too :wink:

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What are you basing this off? I know sometimes people differentiate those things, but there is no official definition as far as I know. So they’re technically the same. If it acts as a tablet and as a laptop, that means it’s a 2in1.

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IMO you will have to differentiate these types of devices because the usability is definitely not the same - although they may be technically the same. Just like you differentiate cars (suv, compact cars etc.) -> technically the same but different in usability.

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Semantics @Pauliunas. These 15" ‘2-in-1s’ are not in the same category remotely as the V or any other similar devices. I believe the point of OP was to flaunt your favorite device in the same category as the V, then state what makes you like it so much. The goal? So that we can all come to a better understanding on what makes these devices great and hence improve our own products.

These other convertibles don’t fit that bill. Although they may be great, not the same category.