Hi, I'm Tony :)


Hey guys! I’m Tony, a 19 y/o first year Computer Engineering student in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. I’m passionate about tech and hardware and look forward to being part of the eve community! :smile:


Hey! Great to see more and more members entering the community! :grinning:

There are a couple threads you may want to take a look :wink: Pyramid Flipper development Mega thread. Where we are now, what’s next, and much more!; You have pains ? We have a painkillers ! Use Cases for the ▼ MEGA thread! and Suggest a feature 2.0.

In the first you’ll have a small introduction to how Eve processes the information they get from the community :smiley: The second is where you should state your pains with current devices and what you would like to have to fix that :wink: And with the third you can see more or less the specs the Pyramid Flipper will have :wink:

Hope to see you here and once more welcome! :grinning:


Thanks! I’ll check those threads out.


Hello Tony and a warm, warm welcome to the Eve Community :slight_smile:

It’s great to see our community grow :slight_smile: @Artur was already so kind and provided the most important links, but I’d also recommend checking out [the advisory specs] (http://eve.community/t/fire-fire-pyramid-flipper-advisory-specs-fire-fire/772) so you’ve got a overview of what hardware the PF will feature :slight_smile:

And may I ask if you’ve already had coding knowledge before your first year? Just out of curiosity, since I’m a fellow computer science student in Linz (second year) :slight_smile:

Hope to see you around :slight_smile:


I actually had coding knowledge before my first year, because in Romania they teach programming in high school, but also because it was a hobby and I learned it on my own by developing games, going to contests etc. Now I go to hackathons and I’m trying to start a startup :slight_smile:


That is cool! :smiley:

Contests? Do you mean like the Catalysts one? That is also in Romania iirc, right? :slight_smile:


In my country (and in most of Europe iirc) there are contests organized by the state, called olympiads, for high school students. Also, there was a junior hackathon for high school students which I attended, but it was more like an algorithmics contest.


And did you win anything? :wink:


Unfortunately, in high school, I didn’t win anything, but in college I’ve won a few hackathons :smiley:


Cool! I think in college it’s more difficult :wink: Congrats and look forward to having you here! :grinning:


As I can see you’re a Portal fan? :stuck_out_tongue: welcome, my colleague! :smiley:


Hi Tony! Or is it Anton? Thats my sons name btw :wink:
Anyway, greetings from Pula, Croatia!!!
p.s. I know how it translates :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You named your son after me? How nice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah well, you are my idol so why not :wink:


Hi @Tony! Warmest welcomes on my part as well.

How have you liked the community so far?


Hi man, welcome!:beer:


Yeah, it’s awesome! I haven’t had much time to comment in the past few weeks due to having finals, but 've lurked a lot and will definitely be commenting a lot more starting next week.