Hi, I'm new here!



Hi Guys,

I’m new to the community, so let me introduce myself first. My name is Nico, 21 year old student from Frankfurt/Germany.

I really love what you guys have done! So many companys do not care about the wishes from their customers, you do!

I saw this video on Youtube from Dave2D (I think you all know which one I mean :wink:). I have pre-ordered the New Surface Pro (or SP5 / SP 2017… whatever) and than the video came out and I really liked the Eve V.

So I need this thing for my study, which will continue in mid-September of the year.

Do I have a chance to get one any time soon? I know I already signed up your Newsletter, but I would like to know whether there is a chance to get one until the beginning of September?

I would then send back my New SP and wait for the V.

Greetings from Germanyand keep up your good work!



Hi @Nico, thank you for your interest in the V and welcome to eve.community!

At the time of writing, sales of the V through our web shop are expected to open somewhere between the 24th of July and 14th of August. Expect a few weeks before the device is delivered, though since we still have to produce them as well – so early-September, it’s possible (though close to our best-case scenario), but we don’t know for sure yet!

As production moves along, we’ll get more and more steps in our projected timeline confirmed, and we’ll be able to tell you with more and more certainty whether or not you can expect to be holding your very own V in early September. Keep an eye on V | Revolution starts with you (you can bookmark the post so you can easily find it back later, and it can also be found in the banner topic at the top of each forum page), as that post will be updated every time new information is available on the status of production and shipping!


There you could find the latest update on the timeline. Just read the forum for further info :wink:


Hi @Helios, thanks for your fast answer!

Wow! would be great! So I will send back my SP than :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: never liked the DisplayPort anyway :joy:



I think I live not far away from you, we can meet and you can take a look at my V m3. It should arrive by next month.


Welcome to the community, 19 year old student from Frankfurt here!