Hi, I'm Afonso - a Portuguese Journeyman


I’m a Portuguese lad who’s been doing software development as his trade and been living in the beautiful and rainy Northern Ireland for a few years now.
Came across this community thanks to a search for the best 2-in-1 as possible and was almost determined to buy the Surface Pro 4 (i5) until I was scared away by its low battery life and its difficulty in repairability.
This seems like a great project to be part of and I will be dropping my suggestions in the respective topics (just a shame i didn’t know about this project a bit sooner).


Hehe, seems like we’re on the same boat :wink: I found this community just a couple of days ago, I regret not having known about it while the votes took place. The specifications appear to have settled down, now we’re discussing more of the minor features. Welcome aboard :slight_smile:


First and foremost welcome to this community! If you could invite tech-interested people that would want to take part in this project it would be great!

BTW estás a falar com um alfacinha :wink:

Currently Eve’s team is sourcing the components from China - they’re talking to OEM’s and hopefully helping this dream come true!

Now the basic specs have been already discussed but there’s still plently more discussions to come. :smile:

Let’s disrupt the market!!!


Thanks @pauliunas and @Artur :smile:

@pauliunas Hope we can still help with minor features and subsequent devices - the phone looks a very good idea.

@Artur Eu sou do Norte, Porto de gema :smiley:


Hey! The Eve Phone was my idea :wink: Jk the credit for building one will be from all who have and will participate :smiley:

@AfonsoHG Sou de Lisboa mas já fui uma vez ao Porto. Até é fixe o centro da cidade. Pena que só lá passei um dia. Fiquei lá ao pé mais uns dias (na Maia se não me engano) mas não sai muito de casa porque tive com uns amigos do meu pai xD


For me, the phone is a good idea only if it runs either android apps or win32 apps. There’s not much I can currently do with Windows Phone…


So I think we should start there. What don’t/do you like about Windows mobile (its not wp anymore :wink:)?


I like pretty much everything about the design of it, but it totally lacks just about every app I use. Well, to be more exact, I often use some more “obscure” apps. Like offline Vilnius bus timetables (fully interactive with maps and all). I don’t use any social networks, although I do use Reddit and Youtube, which only have unofficial apps on WP. I don’t watch Netflix. I don’t need any of the mainstream apps. Talking of games, I like trying out new indie titles, which basically never reach WP. the games I play usually remain unknown. Basically, WP lacks apps in all the categories. Oh, and I call it Windows Phone, because an OS without full native win32 support doesn’t deserve the name of Windows, in my opinion. If I say Windows Phone 8, it means I’m talking about Windows Phone, version 10. But if you call it Windows 10 Mobile, it sounds like full Windows, version 10, and Mobile is just a side thing. I think the rename is a pathetic marketing effort by Microsoft to make the platform seem more attractive. “Oh look, it’s the same Windows as on my laptop!”. Nope, it’s not. But you probably won’t understand that.


I know more about windows and the mobile part of it than you might expect :wink: @pauliunas

I got hooked into looking into everything pretty much after the October 6th presentation last year when BTW I was told by Brian Roper that I can be productive like a boss wherever I am now :sunglasses:

Excellent presentation (and the Surface Book announcement was killer!). It wqs awesome and from there on I became a microsoft fan (but I obviously recognise that there are many things they could do much better).

So basically your problem (and THE biggest problem I see) is the app gap but I think Microsoft is doing the best they can to attract developers :wink:


Yes, and that’s the ONLY problem I have with it. But it’s SO HUGE that for me it weighs down all the idiosyncrasies of Android, including a complete waste of resources.


@Artur wasn’t saying the idea was from @pauliunas. Just commenting on future devices and how the phone is a good idea :wink:

Engraçado, eu nasci no Porto, mas vivi na Maia quase toda a minha vida antes de me mudar para a Irlanda do Norte.

@pauliunas and @Artur There’s already a very good topic to discuss the ideas and necessities for the possible phone :wink: About Windows Mobile it suits my needs and Microsoft is trying to bridge the gap by making it easy to port iOS apps and x86 to both mobile and UWP, which should run under Windows Mobile 10.
The actual worst thing in the environment at the moment is the search functionality in the store that needs to be massively improved.


At least on desktop, I see no problem with the search. Except there is nothing to search for, lol


Now you don’t but if developers start moving towards making UWP apps instead of x32 ones (obviously implies Microsoft improves A LOT the Windows Store) you will have that need :wink: @pauliunas


You meant win32, right? Not gonna happen. This platform is a “sandbox”, that is, each app runs in a container. That’s a huge limitation. Also, you need a WStore license to publish your apps, there is no other way. Which is bad for “indie” developers. And I won’t even start with unlimited inter-app communication, like Steam or TouchMousePointer, or Autohotkey to name a few examples.


Those are things Microsoft should work on to provide better functionality and tools for developers :wink:


And that basically means rewriting the whole system from scratch. There is no working on it, a sandbox is a sandbox… It has a likited amount of functions, no direct access to hardware… That’s the nature of it. The good thing is that Windows Phone doesn’t need any virus protection this way. And it doesn’t need such freedom with apps, because there is no multitasking, anyway (well, until very recently, on a very limited selection of phones). So it’s good for a mobile OS. But since it’s pretty much the same platform that was designed for WP7, they obviously didn’t plan on bringing it to a desktop OS. Also, even if they somehow manage to remove the limitations, it won’t have any backward compatibility. My obscure apps won’t be ported. There are millions of apps whose developers are broke or dead, or retired, or whose source code is long lost in the labirynths of WWW. Nobody will port those. I believe that it’s entirely possible to make the Store fly on mobile phones (although it’s incredibly hard), there is no way to make it work on desktops. For example, Chrome OS just makes no sense, even with Android apps. Because those are not desktop programs. So, Windows Store can drive a mobile ecosystem, but it has nothing to do with win32 or desktop computers.