Hi, I am Taha from Australia! :D


Hello everyone!!

My name is Taha - I am a Medical student from Australia!
For the last four years I have been lugging around my good old MSI laptop, which weighs in at a hefty 2.5kg - and for that reason, I am often reluctant to take it with me to University or Hospital >.<

So for the last few months, I was scouring the interwebs for a device that would be good for me, and began to eagerly await if Microsoft was going to announce a new Surface device (as I also enjoy drawing), and out of nowhere, they did! I was amazed at first but that soon turned to a little bit of disappointment. The use of the proprietary Surface connector just seemed a little bit narcissistic, and the pen was no longer bundles. So, I was on the fence and deliberating yet again. Then, as if by some miracle, I watched a video about the Eve V and was blown away. And that is why I am here!

I wish I’d had the chance to contribute to this community before the end of development, but it lovely to be here now!


Hello Taha, welcome to the community! I hope you’re alright with a bit of a wait until the webshop is open, do subscribe to be the first to know when orders through the webshop could be made! In the meantime, following the pinned posts about the timeline updates should whet your desire for information (we all are waiting for team to tell us more good news). Cheers :smile:


Welcome to the community! Hope to see more of you around here!


Thanks so much everyone!


Hello snd welcome! The webstore will be opening shortly after the first batch of tablets are shipped to backers! And if you stick around and browse the other threads ypu can still contribute to the community by ideas on new products (projects)and future accessories for the V



The new Surface Pro is quite pricey yeah… hopefully the V will be in mass production soon enough and you’ll be able to get your hands on one :slightly_smiling_face: