Hi from France

Hello everyone,

I’m Acp, from France living in Paris. I’ve been in the community since last year, back then I purchased a V i7 Version Limited Bird (I missed out the hyper early bird unfortunately).

I had a great time reading posts and almost everything written in the community, but I never posted anything because I felt like I had nothing to add to the discussion. I’m an enthousiast, but I can’t say I’m a real “tech guy”, although I’m interested in everything related to new technology.

Due to all the delays and everything happened during this year, I had to buy another real PC in September because of work. I’m an engineer in Optics working for automotive company and really needed something earlier this year.

This is my first post, I hope you guys will be kind with me even if I sell my future V (with a little regrets, I confess :cry: )


Welcome in the community, I am french too, leaving near Saint Etienne. Nice to finally find another backer in our country, even if you won’t be able to keep the V…

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I feel your pain. I was in the same position (except the selling part). Posts like this will shed light on what Eve needs to improve on.

Welcome to the community, Acp!

what did you buy, may I ask?

Welcome here, I am also french living near Versailles!
Waiting for the V to come is a real test for your nerves!