Hey, I like your website


I even like it so much, i think its the most badass website of a product i have ever seen after Apple (who decides what we pay)
I also like how much you are thanking the community.
Youre a strong competitor and i hope i will be able to snipe a spot in the first batch after indiegogo. Do announce when the shop will open so if need be- i can set a alarm clock!


Feel free to use the “GET NOTIFIED” button on the website.

And look there is a “We won’t spam you. It’s not cool”. :wink:


I’m glad some like it and that you like the product, that’s the point. Personally I absolutely hate the new site. It’s waaaaay overdone. It’s almost embarrassing. But again, if it got your attention for what Eve is about and the awesome V that is around the corner, then that’s great.


Personally I also think it’s a tad too aggressive compared to the sleekness of the old site, but I liked the idea of tying the specs to the use-cases of the community members who voted for them. Maybe the website will be further refined as time goes on I hope…


And I personally hate the craigslist.org as it is way under-done :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: but many people love it . Point is it all very subjective, but being bold usually pays off (just look at recent Lexus and their growing sales figures). I like that we now have a bold new look :slight_smile:


Add Reddit as another example. This kind of website is great if you know the content youre looking for. Its fast, uses little data, but it looks unprofessional and kind of intimiidating at first

Cant argue with that, though I personally prefer somewhere in the middle like techpowerup.com or the previous eve-tech design


LOL Lexus owner myself, I have to say I love that picture :heart_eyes:


True, and both Reddit and Craigslist are good examples of how not to do it (tough both very successful). Maybe it’s a good design now in the beginning, to get attention, but would perfect it do be toned down. I think is looks like the work of a teenager that has gone fully mental against his/her parents or something.:grin:


I think this website is awesome for a startup that wants to take the world by storm. When it is established maybe the old minimalistic approach can be more appropriate but right now I believe this was a great choice :slight_smile:


Well, Eve Tech is like a teenager going full mental against the old ways of other OEMs :wink:


True :grin: :joy:


Because this topic is the top live (not clozed) result for the search for “website”, plz excuze me to post here.

Has anyone saved the previous website (before Jun. 1st 2017)?

I like that website very much but have failed to save it (It appeared to be permanent and has been changed before I knew it). I have visited the wayback machine but some of the images are missing in the archive.
I also like to know what the shirt that a model girl (woman) wears in the previous website says on it. It seems to include Japanese Katakana letters after “delicious”.


Yeah, I liked the old one too… This one has too much blinking light and is hard to navigate. I don’t want to wait for the darn animations to finish, I’ve already seen them…