Helsinki Community Meetup - 2nd December!


Hi everyone!

Since slush now concluded we thought it was time to take some time to meet all of you people that are in Helsinki right now due to slush or just living here!

And thus, we’re announcing our first official communtiy meetup in Helsink!
Time: 2nd december, 19:00 local time
Location: Kontoret Kamppi

Every community member is invited to come & obviously bring other people that are interested as well! We’ll try to provide drinks for everyone and bring some interesting stuff with us :wink:

We’re gonna be at Kontoret for roughly an hour before moving on to other locations (like a bar)

So, a small questoin for you: Will you be coming?

  • Yes, I’ll come
  • No, I won’t

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I’m looking forward to meet some of the great people here in our community! :slight_smile:



That’s like… tomorrow? Shouldn’t you give us some time to prepare, take a holiday, plan the trip, etc? I think some people would like to come even if they don’t live in Helsinki :slight_smile:


Sorry guys, like Paul said, not enough notice.
I would have loved to…I’m actually not too far away (only in Vilnius)
Maybe next time. I’m in Helsinki quite often “for work”


Yes, it is literally tomorrow but we decided to hold it because at Slush we saw quite a bunch of people that told us that they follow the community or that they even backed the device, it was nothing that we planned long before but something more spontanous :slight_smile:

Next time we’re gonna hold a meetup we’ll push it out earlier :slight_smile:


Then I would like to encourage you to plan another meet-up in the longer term, maybe in summer :slight_smile: So that others can participate too :slight_smile:


Would be nice if someone take some pictures.


Next time maybe, if I every can get out of the country/overseas :sob:


Live stream on youtube so we can be part of it remotely. :triumph:

or create a chat room on for instant messaging.

I’m watch the stream with my own drinks and snacks. :grin::grin:


Skype group video call? :smiley:


It’s a little too far for me :slightly_frowning_face:


Damn, would have loved to come as I live near but already did plans for this evening.


Damn… Was planning to come, but other stuff came up that I can not postpone. Have a great evening there. Hope to see some video or stream from the meetup!


@Domestus Awesome! :slight_smile:


Great meetup! Unfortunately not many participants, but that just meant more time for me to ask and talk about the V. The Eve guys were also eager to hear everything possible from my perspective as a hyper early backer and I was happy to oblige…

There weren’t any prototypes for hands on today, since all of the existing ones were sent for further stress testing and such. I was promised some possibility for a hands on with a prototype at some point of January hopefully (right now they’ll be concentrating heavily on iterating through the final prototypes to get to the final versions). Hoping to see another meetup closer to that date just for the possibility to try the real thing :slight_smile:

Overall great meeting the core people from Eve!! Thanks for the friendly reception and in depth talks around the V! I’m definitely happy to be part of the community with this amazing device and will be interested to participate in the discussions from here on. (so far I’ve only been lurking around heh)



Here is one more :slight_smile:


December is even more badass!


If you want to see the winter - come to Calgary …