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Currently we’re very busy with developing the amazing Eve Spectrum monitors. But we’re also busy with marketing them. And for that we could really use the help of the community as well.

Now I understand that this is mostly a technical community. And unfortunately not everything that would be ‘technically’ correct always converts to a positive outcome from a marketing perspective. But if you have ideas about how to market the Eve Spectrums in a creative way we love to hear from you guys!

Though it is important to note, that right now we don’t have a final product to start a giveaway, send to reviewers or promote it physically in any way. Which is a real bummer but it’s something we have to deal with for now.

As for how you could help us with the ideas we already have. We need screenshots, lots of em. Screenshots from Games. Not just where you land the headshot / win the race / score the final point. But also where you lost the game. To show what could happen if you still game on an old 60Hz TN panel (which I actually used to due not long ago).
Also screenshots from your projects. Being it code, photoshop, videography or something else (maybe 3d?) are more then welcome!

These screenshots could be used in the marketing campaigns for Spectrum, so be aware to not put personal information on it. Also, we’d appreciate it if they are in a 16:9 aspect ratio, as that is the same as Spectrum.

Got questions, ideas or screenshots? Feel free to reply!


Talk to CCP Games and together with them offer a bundle with 6 months game subscription of their flagship game EVE Online? The marketing practically writes itself. Maybe with some special laser printing of some game art on the backside of the monitor or something; no idea how tricky that would be. An ingame, limited edition, ship skin?

Also, a surprising amount of EVE players spend disgusting amounts of money on the game already. 600$ for a monitor probably wont make them even blink.


Talk to Hardware Unboxed on Youtube for marketing!


Send Linus tech free monitors for them to review. Word of mouth should follow thereafter. Word of Mouth is the most powerful marketing tool there is. Nothing trumps that. Obviously before doing this, you need to ensure that everything else stacks up as Linus Tech will scrutinise every detail.

Marketing tip:
Stray away from the traditional marketing methods as this is very much outdated!
Focus on the emotive experience you want your prospective customers to feel when they watch your promotional film. Notice how I didn’t word it as video.
For example, when watching John Lewis Christmas adverts and Apple adverts, how does it make you feel?
I’ve practised what I preached and generated a lot of interest! My background is in videography, sales and marketing.


While sending monitors to review is very useful and Eve will definitely be sending out monitors to well known reviewers, we’ll have to wait some time for that since Eve doesn’t have a finished monitor yet.

I definitely agree with making advertising “films”


These are the most followed tech youtubers LinusTechTips, jayztwocents, Gamer’s Nexus, Hardware Unboxed, Hardware Canucks, MKBHD, Snazzy labs, bitwit, paul’s hardware all accept paid sponsorships or do independed reviews.


Hey guys, thanks for the tips!

Like @Javild said, we don’t have a finished monitor yet. There are quite some influencers already interested in working with us. We’re also in contact with some big YouTube and press names for reviews. Don’t worry, they will get there. What I would really love is ideas for the now.


So i have two ideas/reactions. So to the first point.

But also where you lost the game. To show what could happen if you still game on an old 60Hz TN panel

So I can say that this is false marketing. But I will write about it more in depth, why it is not true and things it can cause.
I think we can all agree that 60hz monitor will not make good player bad and 144hz + bad player good. I played lot’s of game and for example, friend on cs:go has got really good headshots and he’s playing on 60hz monitor. Also On one server that i usually play (not cs:go) There are often 2000 people at once, and the best player is… gaming on 60hz monitor. So please do not make it like this. You can show that someone with 60hz sees more things (in slow-mo) but do not do false marketing. Also by that you will say how important is it so people should buy 360hz monitor? I think this kinda false marketing must not be good, some youtubers may refuse to work with you for that, and people must not like it too. ASUS also did false marketing not a long time ago and it did not end up well. Or with all these things eve has from past, it can become meme like Bethesda. :smile:

But there is difference so my suggestion is, don’t make screenshots of bad games, and these thing, but maybe when you have enough samples of monitor, send some (3-12 maybe) monitors to some people from community with only 60hz monitors (these people can be chosen randomly / some other way / review contest, same as with project muse, also you can do it that they can keep this monitors, I think again same as muse.) and than they will write their opinions about differences, and say how they have better reactions in games… and all of this could be in advertisement videos
To show biggest difference, maybe send out QHD 240hz version.


I definetly would advise for promoting higher refresh rates as a performance increase factor, but not by devaluating inferior technology. The narrative would seem sketchy, and may result in quite some backlash imo. Unless you go full-on dbrand style, robot dickheads entitled to customer’s money, I really think that devaluating customers directly and/or through what they already own is not the way to go.

NVidia already studied the benefits of higher FPS in games, and so did Linus Tech Tips I think. I don’t know if you’d be allowed to use their results, but this would be a better way to go imo.

If not, maybe try to conduct some sort of study within the community. Make a plateform fetching winrates of players using APIs for different games and link them to the player’s monitor refresh rate and config. Their would be a lot of experimental biases to neutralize in order to get really valuable data (like involvement into competitive gaming, time played, number of games played, etc…) but in all fairness, most people won’t think about it and I think it will seem way less sketchy. The results are fairly predictable, so I don’t think it would be a risky investment. You may incentivise participating in the study with either a raffle or a discount on your products. Plus, involving your community as always been in your company’s DNA, so such a narrative would be nicely fitting.


I concur with Eclipse.

Generally speaking, with the aid of the ‘internet’ people are now well informed. In order to persuade the majority of the people to buy Eve Spectrum over the more established brands who some may have brand loyalty / brand affinity to, you will need to do a lot more to convince those sort of demographics.

Having said that, it’s not impossible! As I mentioned earlier, the power of filmmaking will be key. You only need 1 promotion film to showcase your brand, ethics and product. What do you stand for? Why do you do what you do?

Narrative: Treat this like a script. Chop and change if it doesn’t sound sexy enough. Dumb it down and don’t get too technical.
Music: You need a director or someone who has a great sense of vision. In an ideal world, commission someone to do this. Both the director and music composer needs to work together.
Flow/Pace: Think about the flow and the pace of the video. You need to strike the right balance.

Lab Testing
This needs to be conducted! On all of your panels, what is the latency on them vs the competition? Is it the best on the market? (You will be required to add the caveat of “Testing completed as of XXX date”

60Hz vs 144Hz vs 240Hz testing under gaming conditions.

If you are marketing this as a gamer and for professional designers then you could consider partnering up and selling a monitor calibration device such as X-Rite i1 Display Pro, Datacolor Spyder5ELITE, X-Rite i1Display Pro Plus etc.
Or alternatively, you could purchase 1 yourself and then as a way of thanking the pre-order community, you could potentially calibrate all of the pre-order monitors? That way you’re giving extra value back to those who have backed you by pre-ordering?

Take a look at how they test each monitor/tv. This should give you a better indication of what they test.

I would be interested to know (maybe eve team too idk) who if you are still using only 60hz/lower refresh rate monitor. So what monitor do you use?
My highest mean that if you have more monitors.

  • My Highest refresh rate monitor is 75hz or lower, I am gamer
  • My Highest refresh rate monitor is 75hz or lower, I am not gamer
  • I have monitor with 120hz/more, I am gamer
  • I have monitor with 120hz/more, I am not gamer

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Great ideas guys!

Again: all ideas on how to improve the product are all very welcome, but not really part of this discussion. A great product will be marketed easier. But it won’t market itself. Word-of-mouth is amazing, and really effective. But it’s reach is also severely limited. Thus we need ways to improve that reach!

I would love some original ideas on how to improve sales right now. So how can we convince people to reserve an Eve Spectrum.
We have this unique pricing model which combines the benefits of pre-ordering and post-ordering(?). You can get the lower price by reserving now. And you can wait for the reviews, if those disappoint you simply refund.

To address the other comments:

It’s not though. I’ve personally witnessed this quite recently since I upgraded from an old Acer v223w to an AOC 27G2U in October last year. But besides that there is common sense: Better gear will make you play better. This is true for almost everything. A better football will make place your shots better. A better car will make you race better, etc.
There have also been some studies to proof that high refresh rate helps you become a better gamer. It won’t make a bad player a good player. But it will make you better.

We don’t have those samples, and won’t have them for a while. Thus, this can’t implemented for now. We’ll keep the idea though :wink:

We’re not devaluating it perse. Here is the issue: most forms of marketing will need to be static. Even though I would love to have a video explaining the benefits, this is also has some major drawbacks.

  • Not everyone will watch a video
  • Even less will finish the video
  • A video costs a lot of time and effort to make
  • A video is harder to improve incrementally due to the time and effort
  • Eve has limited resources.
  • Not all places allow for video

So showing the difference in a static way needs some form of creativity and imagination due to the fact that refresh rate is directly related to time. Studies are good, but also very resource intensive. I would love to do such a study but we don’t have the resources for that, plus that would basically result in just another product to market (the test results, even though free, needs to be marketed).

Maybe we could sell those via our shop as well, that’s a good idea. Won’t market our product but it’s a nice addition to have.

As for pre-calibration (or factory calibration as it’s called) see the comment in Spectrum Specification Update and Q&A. Again a good idea, but it won’t spread the knowledge about Spectrum.

Good ideas guys! But they are not for now unfortunately. We need new creative ways to spread the knowledge of the Eve Spectrum around. Marketing is a key tool with that. In this world, creating a good product generally isn’t enough. And we have some ideas for when we have (close to) finished products, for now we need creative ways to spread the knowledge now as well.
The more Spectrums are reserved the better. This will increase our standing with our partners, thus making more things possible in the future, and the consumer gets the better price due to our pricing strategy!


How to generate more Sales Pre-Orders

  1. Type in Google “Eve Device”. Unfortunately, Eve is associated with bad press such as “After a disastrous computer launch”, “BUYER BEWARE”. This is on the very top page which your prospective customers see. I am not an SEO expert so I am unable to comment on this but you need to address this and ensure those type of articles are pushed further down in the google pages. This could be one of the reasons as to why you might not be getting the pre-orders you had hoped for.

  2. Work out your profit margins. If your profit margins permit, set up an affiliate scheme by partnering up with big influencers. Remember, Amazon was a loss-maker for many years before it got to where it did today. I am not sure whether Eve is backed by wealthy investors but for this pre-order launch, you could strategically make the call to either make a loss or break-even via with investors help or without investors.
    One thing is for sure, you need to incentivise affiliates! Once you incentivise affiliates, they will market it for you.

  3. You could introduce the pre-order scheme on Kickstarter? Even reputable companies like Audeze used Kickstarter to fund their new gaming headphone ‘Audeze Mobius’ which was a success.

  4. Reach out to YouTubers and tech sites. You can guide them to those links.

Curry’s (UK) released the price of £749 for the new LG UltraGear 27GN950 4K Ultra HD 27" Nano IPS
Legally, is there a way to use this information to your advantage?
Yours is still cheaper with much better specs!

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Good stuff! Regarding your points:

  1. SEO, we’re aware of it, but it’s not easy to fix, and we don’t have the expertise in our team either :frowning: I’ve been consulting my network already about it. But there hasn’t came a clear idea outside of it. But good thing you brought it up.
  2. since this is a form of brainstorming. Everything is possible, but we don’t have a marketing budget like Nike or McDonalds :stuck_out_tongue: But we can certainly do parts of it. Affiliate marketing is good one though, maybe even as simple as friend referral: Affiliate links for everyone!
  3. We’re looking into kickstarter, but a kickstarter campaign also requires quite some resources, so it’s still under discussion.
  4. Youtubers, tech sites, influencers, etc generally require a physical products as we’ve already entered talks with some of them. Some are open to the ideas and if you know some good ones that’d be great!
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Yes, a friend referral can work but there needs to be a reward associated with these referrals. For each person referred and pre-ordered the Spectrum, receive £XX in your Eve Account.
You may either need to build a module where a user can request the money that had been accumulated is transferred to their bank account. Alternatively, contact customer support (this would put further strain under the current circumstance).

Due to the COVID-19, by starting a Kickstarter campaign now, would this be sensible? You may get public backlash as the worldwide priority now is containing and eradicating this disease. However, on the flip side, in the future, if there is a slight hit on the supply chain which causes the price to go up, will you be able to guarantee the same price? If you can, this can be a good selling point given the current economic situation.

In regards to YouTubers, Tech Sites, Influencers etc, you don’t need a physical product!
First, generate unique affiliate links. Then reach out and have them create a video solely based on reviewing the initial spec sheet of your Spectrum monitors! They can then compare this against the market.
The reviewers can place their unique affiliate links in their description or website!
When reaching out to them, let them know that the pre-order will close as soon XXX amount is met.

Suggestion for your Spectrum website: Somewhere in your specification, it would be great if you could compare your spec against a typical competitor along with the price point. This is a good way to differentiate yourselves vs the market. Don’t name any brands. Just call them Competitor A, Competitor B etc.

If the 4K model have HDMI 2.1 maybe you could talk to Microsoft or Sony. There are still no HDMI 2.1 monitors so with the next gen being around the corner maybe they would love to have people buying monitor that actually supports everything they have put into their consoles. I remember them officially licensing 3rd party stuff.
This is what I kinda came up with… what do you think?


You can also say that eve is first DP 2.0 monitor. I have already seen 4K 144hz From last year that had HDMI 2.1 support (ready for next gen)

Like others have mentioned a friend referral program would possibly work well. You could do one like the one Massdrop had, where if your friends use the link they get a discount (Possibly $15?) and you receive a credit that you can use towards purchases on the website.

I know you don’t have a finished product yet but that doesn’t need to stop the “influencers” from talking about Spectrum. Maybe you can make a promotion “kit” with animations, shots from different angles, and other things to send to YouTube channels so they can make high-quality videos going over the features, specs, and design of Spectrum. Tech websites are already writing about Spectrum but it would be helpful to contact some other ones like PCGamer and PCMag.

I see why some users say that you shouldn’t say that higher refresh rates will make you win games but it definitely makes you better. Maybe you can think of a less extreme way of showing that than 60Hz = Lose and 144Hz = Win :grinning:.

You can maybe take some pictures of setups for different things like gaming, video editing, and music production, then edit them to add a Spectrum and show how it will look in those setups, or even use 3D modeling to make those setups.

Something like these but with higher quality and more realistic lol

IMO it would be nice if you can see one / more monitors on your table with Apple AR (not sure if any other companies have good ar), now with new LiDar sensor it can also be quite precise

Actually making sure a monitor would be perfectly calibrated, would turn on some hype.
Either by partnering with some monitor calibration device or doing it yourself.
Every great reviewer will check its calibration.
Are you sure it wont market your/our product?
I’m pretty sure everyone prefers a good kick-off and great reviews. it can be de difference between success and so-so profit.

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