Help us take Eve brand to the next level! Meet Underdog our new design partner!


UPDATE: Thanks for your amazing inputs! Guys at Underdog are amazed by depth and quality of your feedback! We will now restrict editing of the document so that we could process all of your thoughts!

Hello Eve Family!

How are you doing?! I have some latest news to share with you. Many of you told us that our website could be improved as well as you would really love us to have good web-store that would make support & purchasing simple and easy! (Not the IndieGoGo mess :slight_smile: )

Now we are happy to announce that we have just signed the partnership agreement with a very cool design agency from NY. they are cool guys and let their website do the talking (I mean really go there it´s worth it!)

Underdog will help us take our brand to the next level. Make it more like us and make sure we communicate that products we make are developed with our people (

Underdog loves the idea of crowd development and really would want to hear from you what you think of Eve as a brand/team and why it matters to you!

###So here’s the deal…

We’ve created Google doc that you can access with the link below:

That is the brad survey.
###If you want to help us out …
(greatly appreciated. I have birthday today so i´ll take it as a birthday gift :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

  1. Go to the link shared above and fill in your responses to the questions. This doc is shared with everyone in this thread so dont remove other people’s comments :slight_smile: Just write below. You dont need to put your name or anything below your responses but feel free to.

  2. Say what you truly think about us and answer questions as honestly as possible. And once again dont remove other people comments :slight_smile:

  3. If you really like to have it more personal then feel free to save the doc as word document fill in your responses and send it to my mail

  4. Have fun!

###Survey will be up for 24H so be quick!
You don’t have to fill in everything even though it is appreciated! Questions 5 & 7 are really most important.

Meet up in New York City!? Thursday 23rd March
Meet up in New York City!? Thursday 23rd March

Yellow background with black font on it? Really? Seems we are back in the 90’s…

Hopefully our website will look more professional than their own.


eve.commnuity is one of the best (simplest) looking and most functional forum I have ever used. I hope the new webstore can somehow follow the same style of the forum.


At the beginning the community website was already unusual. Now I mainly use the mobile variant to stay up to date.
@Konstantinos :gift: Happy Birthday!


Fixed that for you :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks dudes! Its going well :smiley:

@Tirigon Dont worry bout Underdog´s website design. That´s why we are filling survey in! We want to make sure core values are preserved during design process.

Actually Underdog´s website is great! It clearly shows they know their target users. We were looking for a partner that can do all kinds of crazy stuff and has good technical capabilities. I think Underdog´s page shows that very well and I agree such visual style would not be the best fit for our brand :smiley:

@Ryan great job :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


As long as the content is regularly updated, I don’t care about a good design (well, let’s say I care negatively about bad designs :smiley: ).

Please have some content owner who keeps track of the information published (holding it up-to-date, clean-up of unnecessary stuff, etc) and the information which need to be published (rollout of information, new design/infographics, etc…). This job, the best design agency can’t do for you :wink:


I have to say I love the current Eve branding as it is, and that was one of the reasons I wanted to find out more about the V. The website, logo and Indiegogo campaign looked already modern and interesting too me. I think that it might be a little bit too “cold” on first sight, considering it is really about the community and the people. Also: The ABOUT Page still states that more pictures of the team are coming soon. I think this section should be a lot bigger and updated. The survey is fun btw, hope this turns into something great!


I also would say that Eve does not need experts for a new design. But I do think that the brand itself needs an “improvement”. It is not that easy as a new and not well known brand. Think the main issue is trust. We all trust in Eve. But the “normal” customer also has to trust in Eve and get noticed about this brand. Hopefully this is what Underdog will achieve.


I… I don’t know exactly why is there any redesign…? But I can understand that it’s only because of my limited perspective. So. If you think you could do better, you do what you have to.
Having that said: I don’t believe you have to. : )

And really, the questionnaire could be, you know, questionnaire, not editable gdoc : D


Even if the functionality stays the same, in the tech world you “have” to overhaul things from time to time to give it a fresh/different look. It appears more modern usually, maybe usability is enhanced (I think that’s what they also ask for).


For the people of, there is no need for redesign. We know who Eve are, we know what the V is. We know we want one. We know why. It’s because we’re on the inside, and we know a lot!

Once the pre-orders have shipped, and the V goes on sale from Eve’s web store, they’re basically just a small company out in the big world. Where people don’t know them yet. Where people don’t yet know that they want a V.

And they really do want to sell some Vs. (So they can stay in business, grow, and bring us more awesome stuff!)

Having a company that is specialised in promoting small companies to the large masses, represent Eve to the people who aren’t already in the community, can end up being a relatively small investment with a large pay-off! Eve will sell more Vs. Eve becomes an even healthier company. Eve makes more pretty things. We get more pretty things.

In the end, we win!


Just 5 cents here. It’s a lot for making the webstore for us:) So that’s a huge part of redesign.


Hey Konsta - I replied in the email you sent- do you want me to put my answers in this one?


Nope. That needs to be done only when the old one is outdated. I HATE!!! websites that keep getting totally unnecessary updates every year… This one is perfect and I don’t see where it could improve it. There’s a golden rule: don’t break things unless you’re improving them. And since there’s nowhere to improve… well…


Maybe you should re-read my statement and pay attention to “”.
I meant it more in a sense that everybody else does frequent changes (every other year or so) to their website so I have to do it too, even if everything works and I don’t enhance functionality.

And… whether you hate it or not… it’s not going to change. It does provide a different look and feel which people associate with improvement (even though nothing changed behind the scenes).

I assume we talk about the overall website, not just the community forum?


Questions all answered :slight_smile:

And happy birthday @Konstantinos

I like the community as it is :slight_smile:

A bit anarchy is always good :wink:

But after I talked a bit to other people about the V and they directly looked at the homepage but where a bit disappointed in the beginning till I showed him the community…

But I think without communication from community members it would be a bit hard to bring people to the Eve side of computers :wink:


The community is Eve’s USP.
The tangible outcome of that will be the V quality and the formal reviews that help sell it from the usual laptop/tech big name sources…

The back up support is probably what will allow corporates to start buying. I’m looking forward to receiving my machine and showing it off to someone who buys thousands of machines - laptops(mainly Dell) or Surfaces for his global company each year wants to play with it!


Cheers! Got the mail. No need to add them here!


Answered all the questions :slight_smile:

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(I added page breaks before every question to improve clarity - hope that was okay)