Hello to everybody from Heidelberg, Germany


Hey I am a 20 years old student from Heidelberg, Germany and im studying Business computer studies ( not sure if its the correct term in english , Wirtschaftsinformatik in German ) and ye, as my budget is limited but the surface pro would fulfill my needs I was searching for alternatives and I came across the V and its community, and wow my mind was blown away by what is offered for the price and the whole project. As I need a Laptop for programming, drawing and taking notes in class, this is a wet dream for me haha.

So I wanted to say hello to everyone here, im hoping to get one asap to get started with my studies with the joy of the V and I would have a question. Whether there will be Keyboard with German layouts aswell ?

Really happy to have found this project and community.

Greetings, Mert


Welcome, and to answer your question right away: yes, German is supported. Same as a dozen other languages :slight_smile:


Thats great to hear, thank you for your response.


Hi and welcome, so many Germans! Is someone doing some additional marketing there? :wink:


Ive found it after several of days of research about a new 2in1 and a video on youtube which said: dont buy the surface pro yet.


Nah, it’s rather simple: technologie + Germans = :heart:
We attract each other :wink:


Welcome, you’ll have certainly fun here.


Welcome Mert!

One more member from Heidelberg :wink:
Say Hi, too @ToiletSheep

The keyboard question is answered, but if you’d like to get your hands on a V after the limited birds have been delivered (and you haven’t ordered by then) tell me. It will be the US keyboard version though (as I consider it superior for coding purposes) :wink:


Thank you for the welcome, I have the feeling a lot of Germans are in this community. Can you explain me what do you mean with the limited birds are delivered ? I would preorder if there was a possibilty to do it other then subscribing to the notification, as I would like one asap :smiley: . German layout is just out of habit, but I agree the US version is really better for coding ( atm Im using a shortcut to switch between DE and US in my OS )


Limited Birds refer to people who preordered in the second round of Indegogo preorders. Hyper Early Birds refer to people who preordered in the first round. As for the upcoming assembling/ordering/shipping schedule, please see this thread:


Thank you for the explanation and the link to the thread


Greeting from Canada ! We are all excited with the V that is on the finish line, keep in touch for weekly update =)


Ok, found a bit of free time.
Hello @Baytona, also from Heidelberg but a hyper early bird. I’ll probably offer to take a look as well, if I have the time and am actually in Heidelberg :slight_smile:


Hello, Ive discovered it way to late to preorder it :frowning: . Well I wouldn’t say no to take any offer of help :slight_smile: .


Too late in what sense?
Yes, the crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo is finished for quite a while, so you won’t be one of the first ~3000 people to receive a V.
But of course you will have the possibility to (pre-) order one via the eve webshop, which should open in a couple of weeks.


Thats what I meant, sorry for the bad phrasing. That it’ll take a while till the shop opens and then till its delivered etc. as I was not an early bird.