HEB Shipping Confirmations in USA?


Minnesota, tracking received as well!


Colorado checking in with a tracking number!


And Michigan also with received tracking number…


Can someone please send Paul at @SoundMix a tracking number? :smiley:


Yes please! Pretty please! Pretty please with sugar on top!


Colorado. UPS tracking number. Delivery 12/12.


12/12 for me too. 10 days after estimated delivery.


Illinois. UPS tracking number. Expected to be delivered by Dec 12


Los Angeles, CA. Shipping number received. Carrier is UPS. Estimated delivery December 12.


UPS tracking # arrived at 6:15 am. Scheduled for 12/12. Denver.


Mine hasn’t moved… still has not been picked up. I don’t think I’ll get it by 12/12. If it’s in LA, they won’t pickup until Monday. I am listed as 2nd day air, so that means Wednesday the earliest (depending when they actually pickup the package)


At least you know something. I haven’t heard anything. This is nuts.


No tracking for me either…


Ups website has an announcement, claiming that the wildfire occurred, and no pick up on 8th. So delay for us?

*wildfire in CA


This may be the reason for the delay. It’s too bad that Eve has not communicated anything about this if true.


It was mentioned earlier and then folks said don’t blame it on the fire…reality is, there’s a fire in the general area and the warehouse and truck routes are in said general area. Even if it’s not, workers or drivers or routes may be affected


My tracking number, used on UPS website, says that delivery is expected 12/12.


Hello Paul, for some reason I can’t find your PM email. I found another way to construct a mail, but it says you are not accepting mail.
(I wanted to send this to you privately, but can’t, so I did it this way)


Your frustration is fully understandable, please have a little more patience.
Besides it’s a weekend and very few people are working.

I doubt Eve would have been told about the fires being a cause and that the fire effect was more serious than people had thought. I hardly would expect them to have realised it by themselves to be able to communicate it.

Logistics and courier companies probably never ever give the sender constant feedback on deliveries.
I can tell from the posts that most Americans didn’t even realise the effect the fires could have had as well.

The fault now lies with UPS, DHL or FedEx, not Eve.

Please remember the Eve guys are European< they know a lot about Europe.
I would guess they know as little about the USA as you might know about Europe or China or some other country outside of the USA.


I think he means, UPS delay reason should be reported by Eve? He is not satisfied as the seller did not update the delay reason.


Thank you. Exactly. Very sorry if I was not clear.