HEB Shipping Confirmations in USA?


Well it’s also a post black Friday rush and pre Xmas rush. Canada Post (and others) are actually over capacity and are having trouble keeping up. I assume this applies to fulfillment Warehouses and couriers also.


In Denver. Nothing yet.


Ottawa, ON, Canada - no shipping confirmation yet. Somewhat concerned as I leave on vacation in a week.


Literally a minute ago I got a Backerkit Notification and its shipping via FedEx. Fedex is probably very good as I’ve some challenges with UPS in Canada in the past week.


Maybe that means it’s about to start for us. You just got my hopes up. Probably just to be crushed, but at this point I’m immune.


Same for me! Got my number! From Canada, Montréal!


Don’t rub it in too much. Still waiting in NY. :frowning:


Sadly, we in Canada were one of the first 3 countries to hear they had passed customs. Our Vs have been sitting in a warehouse a 30 minute drive from my house for over a week! lol


I’m surprised Canada gets them first. No offense. Typically stuff come in through Miami, NJ or Cali


HK to Vancouver is a major cargo /non cargo route if you fly transpac. LA for cargo as well.


This week is almost over and there has been no update for USA while other countries already received it.


T-shirts came from Los Angeles. Los Angeles has some other things going on right now…I am not saying the fire IS the cause but wouldn’t surprise me if it were.


if they use 4PX for sorting, they have their warehouse in LA


Ah shit… Literally explosion in warehouse…


Los Angeles, Ca. No tracking number yet as of 12/6.


@Konstantinos what is the issue with US deliveries? Day 4 and Eve has still no information? C’mon guys! What are your daily actions to work this issue? I think people would be more calm, if you actually communicate an action plan to remedy this shipping fiasco. In the other threat you communicated that 4px has promised to ship more tomorrow, but what about US deliveries?


Got my UPS tracking number! Finally! Living in Michigan.


Finally. UPS shipping label created! Coming 2nd day air. Destined for NH. Now to just wait for it to actually get into UPS’s hands so I can get an actual delivery date.


Ohio here. UPS tracking number received!


Las Vegas, tracking number recieved.