HEB Shipping Confirmations in USA?


Have any HEB’s in the USA gotten a shipping confirmation email yet?

One liner update 06.12

There is a thread called HEB shipping corner.


@TheDestiny that topic has gotten quite long and its tough for backers in the USA to sort through and figure out if anybody over here is getting shipping info. I think its reasonable to start a region specific thread given the number of US based backers.


There are official numbers which region has how many backers ?
Must have missed that.


Thanks for asking…No!


Nope. Am in Michigan and did not get a notification yet.


Las Vegas here, nothing yet.


NY here and nothing yet.


Nope, also have not heard from anyone in the Whatsapp group from the US who has gotten their notification


NY, none here. I wasn’t aware of a whatsapp group in the usa. Formal or informal ?


PA, nothing here. Maybe organize east, west, mid?


Seattle, still waiting.


Patiently waiting in Ohio.


Still waiting for notification in Michigan’s U.P.


Hmm… I find it strange that we are unable to keep track of what’s going on with shipping in North America. This is not a post to complain, nay nay, it’s just that I’m asking myself too many questions…

So we know that the initial shipping time is totally blown off, so there’s no questions here.

What I wonder the most about is: was the team able to keep track at how much time it took for reviewers to get their tablets?

If we knew when the tablets were shipped and when the reviewers received them we could get a much more accurate estimatation to when we will get the device and it will be a lot less frustrating for future receivers. I the end, an estimation for each area will be much better.

I also have concerns about the shipping route too. Almost everywhere west of Hong Kong got covered with tracking numbers, but everything east of Hong Kong still have nothing yet. A quick guess of a typical air shipping route would be from Hong Kong to Vancouver/Seattle, with transits to Japan and Korea, two countries that also have no news about tracking numbers.

I’m letting Batman think that out for me.



I think the problem is 4px packing the tablets + accessories together then shipping them. Perhaps the reviewer tablets didn’t get sent the same way (packed/sent by Eve/factory directly)


Sorry meant Telegram group


Portland Oregon, no tracking number.:roll_eyes:


It’s safe to say as a group, those of us in the US and Canada are unsatisfied with the lack of communication from Eve as to the whereabouts of our computers. This is not the treatment I had hoped for and it is NOT typical of shipments originating from China, as I have received many.


It appears that the batch shipments is causing the delays. I can come up with 3 possibilities:

  1. USA (Western Hemisphere) is last to be fulfilled due to geographic fulfillment batches (east going towards west)
  2. We have the largest batch, so it takes the longest time to put together each package + accessories
  3. We have the smallest batch, so we got the least priority

It is least likely 3, and more likely 1, 2 or a combination of 1,2. It would suck if it was 1, because technically it should go from HK/China to west coast USA… not the other way around.