HEB (not 1TB) Poll: Have you received your V? Please change your vote when it arrives!



To get a feel of what proportion of Vs have arrived, I thought it might be worth doing a quick poll. I may not be correct in this, but I’m hoping that we can change our answers when our Vs arrive (hence I’ve added categories for subsequent weeks).

  • Yes :tada: - before 4 December (< 2 weeks)
  • Yes :tada: - in week commencing 4 December (2 to 3 weeks)
  • Yes :tada:- in week commencing 11 December (3 to 4 weeks)
  • Yes :tada: - after 17 December (> 4 weeks)
  • No :frowning_face: - Not yet

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Note that this is for HEBs only!


dont think the party trumpet :tada: is viable for more then 3 weeks delivery time :smiley: :joy:


I’m sure that the results are skewed, but it’s sobering nonetheless :sweat_smile:


I’m i7 1Tb HEB, so not sure should i have anwered at all to this poll, but i did answer No anyways.


Unfortunately I can’t seem to edit the original post, but I was thinking this poll would only be for HEBs expecting their Vs in this batch (i.e. not those that have a 1TB that will be shipped with the LBs). Sorry, I should have mentioned that.


Nothing to be sorry about, I should have asked before answering. Is there way remove my vote from the poll?


Not that I can see. But not to worry, it’s not meant to be super accurate.


If you can’t edit the poll answers and everybody answers right now, isn’t it going to be ~90 % “No, not yet” till the end of time?


ATleast I can change my answer at the moment. So shouldn’t be a problem


Yes, you can change your answer until I close the poll, which I’m not going to do. So you’ll be able to change it to “yes” when it arrives (using your new V! :slight_smile: ) You just need to click on “hide results” to do so.


The European Vs are starting to arrive. Mine has just arrived. Properly packed as well!


bump to remind HEB V owners to update this poll :wink:


ALmost…few hours (alreasdy on delivery truck)


It’s here, and this one needs a bump again! :wink:


Arrived, but it is broken…


Wow. Means really LBs stand no chance to gether Vs before January.


I’m kind of curious how @DGW managed to get his in the future… :wink:


scheduled delivery date according to DHL/UPS perhaps?


Yay! I’m writing from my V! I’ve got it delayed for 2 more days, because I did choose wrong delivery type, when it got to my city. The Latvian post couldn’t fit the box into the storage cell for my pickup. So they kept it for 2 days before returning to DHL. Retards! How they did accept this huge box, firsthand, if their storage cells are small?


Feels good giving my vote so my option has 1% :smiley: