Has there been a design change?

Has there been a design change? The first gif they showed was clearly the I/O board, but it doesn’t add up to their CAD drawings. The panel they showed in that gif is also noticeably larger than their CAD drawing. I’m assuming that I/O panel would mount to the frame of the LCD panel, but if you look at their CAD drawing of the back of the monitor you can see the VESA mount actually sits inside the I/O panel.


We’ll cover this topic in the upcoming update post. :slightly_smiling_face:


Good catch. I’m interested to see the update.

When will that be? Today, next week?

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Thanks. I mentioned the change in the original topic, but got no response and that topic is locked now.


It is a guessing game :wink: – only if you look extremely hard into the teasers shall you find it out.

We read your comment when you posted it (good eyes :+1:). Because it was a teaser post, we would like to give in-depth information in a more structured, word-based topic – the big update.


Probably a dumb idea but five days from the “Major Spectrum Update…” email because of the five periods?


I disagree the handling of using teasing to test water on the unnoticed amendment.

Instead, teasers are for hypes, not generating extra guesses or ‘hypothesis’.

Make correct use of teasers, just like memes.