Has anyone found a good Folio case for the Eve V?


Hi guys,

Just sitting here in bed, using my Eve V, and decided I needed to put the Eve Sleeve (love how that sounds) under the Eve to give it some stability. This made me thinking “Hmm… folio cases” and now I’m on the prowl looking for a solution.

On Mozo’s website (the makers of our lovely Eve Sleeves), they have an amazing looking folio case for the Surface 3/4 (https://mozoaccessories.com/product/black-golf-surface-pro34-folio/) and I’m wondering if such a thing exists for our Eve Vs.

Has anyone found a good folio case that they’d recommend? Does anyone have the Mozo case above, and does it fit the Eve V? Any other ideas?




Solution: diy
Mske the folio case to your specific needs.


Have you done this? Is there a guide?


The mozo folio case should fit because of the nearly same measurements of SP3/4 and the V…
But! Think about heat problems with the folio case covering the back of the V… The V needs his back to dissipate the heat…