Hard choise: upgrade to 240Hhz or 4K?

Hi guys.
Since the QHD 144Hz model has been delayed to 2021Q1 I’m considering the opportunity to upgrade my Spectrum (I’m really interested in the 2.1 HDMI too).
Could someone be so kind to tell me the main differences between these two models (and their ideal use) or post me some usefull link o redirect me to a reletatd discussion in this forum?
Thanks in advance

Differences are just that one model has QHD resolution and 240hz refresh rate, and another has 4k resolution and 144hz. There are few things to consider when choosing between these options - how powerful your PC is (what GPU and CPU do you have mainly), how far away are you sitting from your table, what do you do on computer, if you play games, what games do you play, what was refresh rate on your previous monitor…

The main difference between the QHD 240Hz & 4k 144Hz model is their resolution & refresh rate.

  • For creative workload: choose the 4k model to take advantage of the extra clarity (view more pixels at the same zoom level).

  • For gaming:

  1. Competitive e-sports titles: choose the 240Hz model for the additional refresh rate (spot moving enemies earlier).

  2. AAA titles: If you plan to upgrade the GPU down the line continually, choose the 4k model as the QHD model is more likely to be bottlenecked by the CPU; otherwise choose the QHD model as it is less GPU intensive (achieve a higher refresh rate).