Halo Effect, what is it?

4K Model 3s’ running off of a 3080TI FTW3 Gaming with DP. Both monitors are running in HDR the haloing is seen on both monitors. I haven’t seen it before with older monitors at 1440P but of course neither of the older units was HDR capable. Is this a feature of Windows (or a bug of windows) or is this a bug/feature of the monitors?

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Hi, looks like for some reason monitor is activating the 16-zones local dimming when moving the cursor,
I don’t see that on my single monitor with HDR on in desktop at least.
On games I can see it if I look for it, but that is normal.
On firmware 104 and same gpu from another brand, using dp.

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Ya this is normal for these monitors with HDR on in windows. Only 16 lighting zones lighting from the bottom, so when it needs to display a white object like your curser or subtitles in on darker back grounds it lights up that whole section. Kind of annoying. I keep HDR off unless I’m in a game designed for it. It’s not noticeable in games really.

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Microsoft would probably attempt to call it a feature - but the rest of us call it a bug.

With HDR enabled in Windows, try hitting CTRL + ALT + DEL and watch for the animated halo, if your monitor will show it. It’s a great time waster for a several seconds, anyway.

It was worse on Windows 10 but is still there on Windows 11 - and I’m using a much, much older nVidia GPU (GTX970). So I also keep HDR off except for certain games.

thanks guys… It is the most annoying thing I have seen MS insert to date.