Hackintosh on V discussion


There is also the Inkwell and handwriting recognition which is practical, but not widely known.

The Archer has a really dated, and ill supported chipset from mediatek the mt7610, which had been a real pain to build a stable kernel module and STA toolset to use it, both on my Linux NAS as well as Darwin. In fact I had no easy day while using it. 2¢.


@caspa90: I so look forward to that thread! If you could, please be sure to have lots of tables on the accessories, functionality and so on that are tested to work. I am sure, like myself, everyone will be just dying to know based on yours and others’ testing what can and cannot work.

@tmaone: Is there any low-profile, ultra-small Wireless-AC USB adapter that you know of that works on Mac OS X?


With such constraint (i.e. the small, low profile), I guess you are limiting your options quite a bit. I avoided all the adapters I saw having an antenna, and so I ended up with a few differently branded usb wifi adapters, still mediatek (newer chipset) (and still with many people reporting instabilities, kernel panics etc). Which leaves the following two-three which are also the last resort I suppose. Try to gather some info on the:

  • Edimax EW-7811Un Wi-Fi USB, or
  • Edimax AC450 Wi-Fi USB Adapter-11ac Upgrade for MacBook if still available, or
  • Edimax EW-7822ULC (recent, and fast)

But since I have zero experience with them, I cannot endorse that they will come without issues. That said, they are advertised as macintosh compatible adapters, so they should work fine in theory, dear @Hifihedgehog.


Have you checked here regarding the sd reader?


Not yet. Feel free to explore this area next!


I’m a bit experienced in putting Hackintosh on various machines. The thing is that you can install Mac OS on most Intel CPU machines.

  • Touchscreen also can work but Mac OS simply not prepared for touch input so you won’t get all te features that comes with that.
  • Intel WiFi Cards don’t work. Only solution is to buy USB WiFi dongle (like mentioned before)
  • Unibeast is one of the way to install Mac OS. There’s also other ways to install Mac OS, for example making Mac OS bootable USB stick with Clover bootloader.
  • Making some components to work needs changes in the DSDT (http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/DSDT) and it’s specific for the hardware. But it can be reused for same hardware (so if we prepare one of that we can simply just share that here on community)
  • Some components needs some kind of driver, it’s called kext in the Mac OS

If I get my Eve V on hands I would definitely install Mac OS on it and try to fine-tune it, then I’ll share my experience.


Really hoping someone makes an app on the Mac OS to utilize the touchscreen feature better. Not sure if its software or hardware.

What do you think is the best method to install hackintosh? I noticed in the video @Hifihedgehog they used clover.


I suggest this and not supporting TonyMac in any way because the guy is a total douche.

He, ahem, ‘borrows’ software from 3rd parties and packages them in an installer and gets a massive fit if someone distributes “his work” on other locations.


I personally haven’t installed Mac OS X in a number of years so I really don’t know. But I wish all the best to you and everyone who contributes to this project as time goes on.


Let me quote myself, just above your reply:

From the video I can see that it does NOT work nicely with touch AT ALL. Half of the time you miss things because there are no accuracy enhancements and because buttons are small, you can’t scroll or zoom with your fingers, no multitouch, no touch keyboard, and so on. It’s just unusable with touch. Maybe only as a proof of concept.


People who are going to install Mac OS has their own reasons why they will Hackintosh the V. Lets not get into a debate the personal reasons.

Obviously, an OS not designed for touchscreen/hardware will sacrifice functions/features. Im shocked you can even install OSX. There is also something called Bootcamp. Dual install Windows and OSX, which i plan to do.

Now, keep the discussion on point. If anyone doesn’t agree in Hackintosh on V, clearly this thread is not for you.This thread is to discuss installing hackintosh and experiences/tips. I would appreciate if you eave personal reasons out.


Agreed. Everyone is right for not wanting and wanting Mac OS X on their V because everyone is unique and each person has their own requirements, expectations, and preferences. For example, I am certain there are GarageBand and Final Cut Pro users among the fold of the Eve Community who are simply ecstatic to learn they can edit all their projects on the go on their V. Even without touch fully working, at least the V has it there as a back-up unlike the MacBook that doesn’t have any touch at all and, worst case scenario, this is no worse than the MacBook that does not have any touch at all. I am just happy to see that the Eve V is so multi-purpose and multi-talented of a device to be able to perform so many roles and fill so many different needs all across the board. I think that alone makes it a killer device, and I wish the best to all who are about to acquire one or go on to acquire one in the future.



Silly question but does the keyboard function while its connected or wireless? Does bluetooth even work?


I am not @henning but I assume the answer is very likely no. The Bluetooth is part of the built-in Wi-Fi chipset and there are no working drivers yet for Intel Wi-Fi.


Damn, thats sad. (now searching if there is a mini bluetooth + wifi dongle):joy:

EDIT: Smallest i could find for anyone interested.


@tmaone should know.


In general you wouldn’t have to worry about the adapter, but since there is macos, then simply any adapter will probably not work. In this case, it is better to acquire hardware which is known to work on a genuine macintosh. Have a read on my reply to @Hifihedgehog above where I’ve searched a bit about usb wifi adapters.

In another context, I would like to stress, that without having an actual device in our hands yet, its a bit pointless to speculate on what might or might not work, and then I think it’s best to be a bit patient until the community comes up with a formula on how to go about performing the whole process properly and in an easy (for the less experienced) way.



Surface pro 4 can install OSX by hackintosh.
Anyway it is not perfect.
Is this posibel to use OSX (hackintosh) on EveV?


for special information about this topic ask @henning


I PMed him. Very interested in having an EVE V hackintosh.

Sorry for the head thread revival.